I Am Getting Adopted

I'm 13 years old, and I am getting adopted. I should be adopted completely by August. But wat sucks is that I hate my adoptive family.

Unlike most of y'all I know my real parents and stuff. So this is my story.

I am Chinese, born in Shanghai. My family moved here to North Carolina when I waz 7. They struggled w/ money, marital issues, and getting adapted to the U.S. So after a year I was living in this broken down home with no electricity, and we lived, basically, on Ramen noodles and cereal.

My mom wanted to get her degree, so she decided to go to the University of Findlay and leave me with my dad. But one rainy November day, my dad was walking on someone's property and got arrested on charges of second-degree trespassing and resisting arrest. The cops jumped him and my mom walked away, cuz she didn't give a shyt. My dad was carried away screaming, "she's my wife! she's my wife!". I no cuz i was there.

So we lived by ourselves for a couple months, but my mom REALLY wanted to get her degree. She decided to leave me at home for six months while she was away in Ohio. She told me to snack on cereal and left me a couple hundred bucks to buy stuff.

After like 2 days, I got caught. I was put into foster care. Now here's the important part.

My 1st foster home, was, as luck would have it, a Jehovah Witnesses family. They were very strict and made me go 2 church 4 days a wk. and go w/ them door 2 door. Apparently, i was too "defiant" for them. Maybe, but really, they can't handle ANY type of bad behavior, so i was moved.

My 2nd foster home was awesome. We went fishing, camping, and played outside a lot. It was an outdoors type of family. There were always at least 3 or 4 kids in the house. We always had 2 or 3 foster kids, 2 kids that were the natural children of the parents, and all types of friends and family.

I stayed there 2 years, and it was the best time of my life.

But they didnt wanna adopted nobody, so when I was told dis family wanted 2 adopt me, i said sure.

I said bye to Reagan, a 13-year old girl, Canyon, a 7-yr old boy, Kevin, Freddy, Dontaye, Zahra, Kane, every1.

At 1st I liked this family, cuz i got a computer, ipod, cell phone, lots of clothes, and a guitar. They gave a lot of shyt.

But like after a few months i began to not like it so much. My adoptive mom and dad separated after i came in. Now he lives in florida, where he works and ****s his girlfriend. She lives here w/me. Basically a single parent home w/ lots of boyfriends.

I hate the fact that there's no bros or sis. I'm not naturally social, and noone from my skewl lives in this neighbourhood. everyone here is ghetto, so i haven't made any friends here yet. It's really sucks i have noone 2 talk 2.

She lets me do whatever i want and reallllyyyy feeds me well. Like we always go out to eat, like i don't wanna get fat.

And she let's me do whatever. Last nite i stayed up alll nite, so i didn't go 2 skewl today. dats sorta my fault, but it's also hers, becuz she didn't tell me to go to bed. I've also been falling asleep in class becuz of this, she doesn't make me have a proper bedtime. It's really hurtin my social life.

If I grow up to be an overweight computer addict, I wouldn't b suprised. She's gonna lead me there.

But i'm staying here, cuz the benefits outweigh the non-benefits by a little bit. It's 2 hard to find someone else 2 adopt a 13 year old. And if i go back to foster care i mite get a even worse family.

So I'm stuck  here.

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You have a good family. You have to set boundaries for yourself. Give yourself a bedtime of 10 on school nights and stick to it. Play sports so you dont put on weight. Discipline yourself.

I agree with nikichulo. Your new mom is going through a huge change in life. She not only adopted a 13 year old, but she divorced her husband.

She wanted you so much. She most likely dreamed of having you. I bet she would love it if you could just start loving her like a mom.

Maybe she isn't strict with you because she wants you to bond with her. Give her a chance. I know she wants to be your mom and unconditionally love you forever - that's huge.

You might appreciate having her when your older and have kids of your own. Help make your relationship with her stronger. Tell her what you need (ie) a bed time.

dude switch lives with me my family is asian vietamese and they are pretty strict they barely let u go anywhere by ur self and for school days our bed time is 10pm and weekend 11pm and u hav to always get straight A and B,my mom is nice and my dad is mean he hits u for bad reason like today i was barely sick and i told him can i go outside and play basketball and he told me **** no we have no inssurance and if u get sick then ur dead so i started talking back and he hit me and told me u wanna leave this family go ahead call 911 but these parents they would love you and care u but u know what to fiing overprotective, my dad is almsot 60 and my mom is 31 i HATE MY PARENYS

Teen, you make your own choices. Not even people who have two adult parents living in the home get told what to do and how to do it every moment of the day. If you know it's the right thing to do, you have a choice to either do it or choose not. But it's not someone else's fault.<br />
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Adoption in your case sounds pretty rough. I do feel bad for your situation. But you get to decide what path your life is going to take.<br />
<br />
My life has been affected by adoption my whole life long. But I've CHOSEN not to let it harm me. I work on owning my feelings and dealing with them appropriately.<br />
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You can either be a Loser or you can be a Winner. But it's your choice, not the choice of your friends, your parents, or any person who chooses to provide your daily needs. You get to choose WHO you are.<br />
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Hi, I sorta know what you are goin through...but anyway I hope things get better for ya..

Hey Teen...Where R U now? What is going on in ur life?