Adoption Book Worth Reading!

For those of you who are having trouble understanding your adopted childs behaviour or are thinking of adopting/fostering the
"Primal Wound", is a worthwhile read.

I am adopted and now realise how not having a human mirror, i.e. similar looks, behaviours & facial expressions caused me to feel like an alien in my family. It's the things that biological families take for granted that we envy.Talk about this with the child and show empathy & understanding, don't just expect us to move passed it or grow out of it, it's one of the most respectfull displays of love you can offer.
We feel like dark secrets and mistakes, worthy of nothing more than being swept under the carpet. You can't magic that away with your love and we shouldn't need feel grateful for such narcisistic offers. Just hold our hand, be honest and open and be our friend. Stop trying to fill your own void. We are hypervigilant by nature and can sense it a mile off. Love us with boundaries and we will love you in return.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Have read this and the more I see with my daughter the more I see the truth of this book.