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i think they sound awful and they are washed up they need to give it a rest

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You people suck ***. Let me guess, all of you like Rhianna or Billy Ray Cyrus or Britney Spears, right? God all you haters are so retarded. Yes, Aerosmith sucks. That's why their the best selling, most famous American rock band in history. My bad. Whatever. This stuff that you all are hating on, is REAL music. Like the Stones (Who Aerosmith did not copy off of! It's Steven and Joe's God-given looks, what are they supposed to do, change them??), Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Queen, etc. Get a life and stop hating. It sickens me.


I hate to be a hater,but yeah,Aerosmith gets on my nerves,always have.Despite plenty of good musicianship and some catchy tunes,they just seem to take themselves way too seriously,whereas I see them as mostly a Stones ripoff,who in turn cribbed greatly from the book of Chuck Berry,and on anon...<br />
Really any rockers who get"too mainstream"can expect whithering critique from me...apart from The Who,The Clash or other boyhood me predjudiced,but I prefer music that speaks to me as an individual,not some overproduced hitbound attempt to sell conformity to more teenyboppers.Run DMC saved theese guys from the county fair circut when they gave "walk this way"some oomph and soul,bringing "the Smith" belatedly out of the 70's-where they seem willing and destined to dwell again it showed alot of mainstream kids the joy of scratchin',which works for me by wrecking musical boundaries and assumptions.<br />
Still,I'd rather listen to awful howling karaoke mixes than any of their originals,despite his hardearned rock pedigee Steven T. is not much of a singer.but I hear their video game is doing well(imagine that)and that IS a pretty cool logo,yet another historic brand for the hype machine to sell to death.

Of you knew about the technical aspects of music, you'd know Steven Tyler has a lot of vocal skill. ... I don't know of any similarities between Aerosmith and Rolling Stones other than the general fact that both have similar musical influences. Every musician has a musical influence. It's part of the process of muse and study.. Also. Branding is a HUGE part of being a band. I don't know how you think Aerosmith sucks but compare them to the Rolling Stones.. I love the rolling stones. But they were also influenced by others. They also sell the **** out of their logo.. That tongue.?. Ya. It's all about branding. It's imagery to go with the sound..

Oh and Steven Tyler and nick Jagger are both somewhat feminine inclusive and have big mouths. Forgot about that similarity lol.

Mick. Not nick.

The first rock song I fell in love with was "Draw the line".<br />
But, if I hear "Love in an elevator" one more time, I may puke.

let it be known that the postponed another show here i dont think they have ever played a show here on time