The Sin, Not The Sinner

I recently pulled myself out of a pretty steep drug and alcohol habit. Now that I'm not in the middle of it I see the way that my friends are acting and I realize the heartbreaking things they sacrifice to indulge their chemical habits.

People with alcohol problems will forgo responsibilities, spend money they shouldn't, neglect friends and family, ruin their health and lie about all of it, all for the purpose of getting their drink on.

I think that alcohol is even worse than many kinds of drugs, because drugs are illegal and frowned upon by most of society, so people are taught that drugs aren't just bad for you, they're immoral. Alcohol, on the other hand, can be bought at any gas station or grocery store. It has multi million dollar ad campaigns that advertise it's use. It's associated with being high class, or with having fun, or relaxing, or any other number of excuses society gives people to drink.

Imagine if a massive corporation started to distribute, glamorize, advertise and lobby for drugs, even a relatively mild one like pot. The backlash would be international news. But gargantuan companies put ads on TV every day showing people (including kids) how "cool" or "successful" or "attractive" it is to drink, and most people just smile and crack a beer.

I care for my friends, I love each of them and I hope that they improve their lives. But I hate alcohol.
hailtothethief hailtothethief
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2010

I had issues with alcohol and my life is so much better since i stopped drinking.I am concerned about some of my friends drinking habits but they have to want to clean up their lives for themselves

Great post, and I agree completely. Why can't being in the company of those you sincerely like having around you, be enough? I always thought it was enough, and it's disappointing others "needed" more.

It's a whole new pictuer when your on the outside looking in. You now see in other's what some saw in you. I dont even want to be around people drinking anymore. All the stupid and dangerous thing's we did while drinking and called it having fun. I am lucky to still be alive. Some of my friend's were not that lucky.