Alcohol Sucks

I agree with everyone, alcohol messes people up so bad and they act like complete fools when they're intoxicated.  They do stupid things that they shouldn't do, and put everyone around them at risk. 

I hate being around people who are drinking, which makes it really hard to find people to hang around with. 

Not only do I hate the taste, I hate what it does to people when they've consumed it.  They aren't themselves, and you're no one to them either.

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8 Responses Dec 26, 2007

No people are not themselves and at your age it is very hard to hang out with people. Things will get better.

My name is Eli, I'm 15 year old and I got extremely drunk tonight and I'm very disappointed in myself for it. I puked my guts out now I feel like ****. I will NEVER touch alcohol again. It ruins lives and relationships. My brother (age 29) is very pissed off at me for doing what I did. I feel like I need To apologize for what I did and now I realize why he stopped drinking. Please note that I wrote this while drunk and it took me awhile to get it right

ok my dad was an alcoholic as was my mom but i still drink alcohol is bad only if you are dumb enough to abuse it... yea i get drunk from time to time but always safe i am not an *** i am fun drunk i know people who have been victims of drunk driving but i will not change what i do because of it i am responsible enough to drink occasionally and maintain a really good life i cant stand people who speak out against alcohol like this... people who do become alcoholics are just dumb people who cannot control themselves

I'm only 15 and my father is an alcoholic. I feel so alone. He went to treatment in order to keep the family together at least in the same house...I feel as though i could do something bad and no one would notice. The house was more peaceful without him. I argue with him all the time and try to hurt myself with ice and salt to cope. I know thats wrong but i cant help it...alcoholism is why i am this more sick than my dad is..

I know how you feel. I find it really hard to find friends and socialise with people, because almost everyone I know just wants to go out and drink, even at 28 years old. I hope I can find some people that enjoy other things in life, i'm sure they're out there somewhere!?

I disagree jenlu,i was raised by a violent alcoholic.U must be really young.You`ll see the other side of it someday

I disagree jenlu,i was raised by a violent alcoholic.U must be really young.You`ll see the other side of it someday

alcohol is awesome! i drink all i can every day. u all r stupid