Alcoholics Destroyed All Of My Oppertunity On This Earth.

I was born with two older sisters 1 and 2 years older. my mom got devorced when I was 4.
Sixth grade was rough but I passed with b's. By the time I went to middle school my oldest sister was in high school meeting people that do alcohol.
That was it. I can't fight the biggest people in the high school I went to or there friends. It tore everything in the house I lived in up. What by that time both sister and mom were girl friends to the worst guys in town when it came to drinking not fighting not standing up but deverting there cowardness on me.
Everything in my life has to be gauged by the alcoholics because the country I live everyone is a alcoholic and piece of $%%&.
I don't need some jesus wine alcoholic wins every time on earth. I am to busy living within it. I could go to school to 30 years get a education that is cutting edge, but the boss I would work for would just be a alcoholic or some stupid ****.
I hate alcoholic's. probably just the way a look. that I don't drink...well can't change it I guess I just live with those type of people every where then die and go to hell...That's right alcoholics have all kinds of excuses for life like they know all there is to know about life that they will be the ones to go to heaven also and it was I that refused to live by not finding comrodddddre.
I just don't care what the fu$% those people think they are moving forward to and I don't care about the social ways of it either.
But sense I was blessed with having to know all to many first hand without being one my self.
I can rest assure some peice of garbage will be waiting right around the corner that drinks and pushes stupid ideas and acts counter productive. Why? becuase I did not ever throw a fist at any of them I knew. I was afraid they would just not give up in a drunken rage and kill me. So I have to deal with there following for the rest of my life. Like it's a stupid curse or some s$%^. Death match or else that the ******* stupid country I knew in my life...
I am alive yes...
And by now pushing 40 years old face destroyed scars destroyed by those people that drank. And I cowardly running away from all the fights have learned nothing except get out of the way or kill because they are always ****** up on alcohol.
Don't worry about me. I stay very far out of the way of any of those people.
They can believe what they want to believe about cave man thoery or conan or gorlilla or stupid **** up not a person attitude.
In the end I hate chairactor and comrod-re. Though acting stupid and drinking. I don't play along and that was my life.
And all the rest of the people that truthfully hate alcohol knows that what I said is just it. All my life written down right here and all it ever going to be. The quest of understanding somebody ******* stupid and stalling the rest of my life out because I would rather die hating alcoholics because of the future they have already stolen from me. And I refuse to begin to think about understanding alcoholics. Just people that destroy the earth no different the drug addicts spose abuser's, killers, and angolen rapists and mutilaters.
kkll2432 kkll2432
Sep 10, 2012