Causes Anxiety, Ruins Lives

I've decided to stop drinking alcohol, completely. Where I live, binge drinking is huge. People think it's normal to go out and get drunk every weekend. I've finally woken up to the fact that blackouts are not normal, carrying on like a crazy person when out partying is not normal. The amount of times alcohol has caused problems in my life is too many to count. Blank memories and doing and saying things you would never do or say when sober, never even WANT to do or say when sober just ruins relationships, friendships and life in general.

I suffer from anxiety too and alcohol causes me to have panic attacks the next day. And the illness that comes with a hangover - why deliberately put a poison in your body? The world would be a much better place without alcohol. But if I can't force everyone to stop drinking, I can at least stop myself.
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Same. I do not drink anymore but when I did I had anxiety the next couple days. Then I would go into a depression for about a week as I put the pieces of my night together and recall my actions and things I would say.

Thats my story. I live in a small town and all of our friends binge drink. We have been friends forever and we have never hung out togther sober. I also suffer panic attacks and the day after I drink I have major anxiety where I am so scared and depressed. Why do I do it? Well the cycle ends now. It is so not worth it anymore.

Wow i am so glad i came across your post.. I'm only 18 but from the UK and Binge drinking seems the Normal, I'd like to think I'm fairly mature for my age and want the normal things in life... Success, to be a kind and caring person and to make my family proud. but i feel like i can't move on in the future because I Have screwed up so much on Alcohol.. Iv'e said some really horrible things/ done some really odd things. 3rd of January after threatening to kill/stab/and shoot these 3 lads because they punched my mate I finally realized after a year of bad experiences that it needed to stop. It could not only effect me but also my family and that's the last thing i wanted.

so then on top of that came all the Anxiousness. I was always one for worrying to make a good impression and the need to try and be friends with everyone.

So in some cases i did some really stupid things on alcohol and also sober just to try and fit in i guess. With things like Facebook/you-tube theirs a lot of people who wouldn't think twice about recording you doing something drunk/stupid and quite frankly that was my biggest fear was being posted on the internet doing some bloody stupid thing that i would never be able to get away from. I've well and truly learn't my lesson and just want to enjoy life around good and caring people. I'm a Month on from my last ever bad experience from alcohol Im seeing a counselor, getting my anxiety sorted and most of all stopped drinking. So I Wish everyone the best of luck in facing such a hard combination anxiety/depression alcohol. Best Of luck.

well i ruined my life! - and it all started just like what you are saying -
first off let me say this - thank you for sharing. i am living a total nightmare right now. back in 2008 i got my 1st dui. i got through it and actually had a great life going. Until 8 months ago when i left a movie theatre and got pulled over for supposedly being on my cell phone. my cell phone was plugged into the charger and was on speaker phone. i had one drink we had snuck in the theatre. my bac was .10. which still doesnt make sense with 2 shots of vodka that i drank 2 hours before. i got dui # a lawyer and to this day we are still fighting it. but i didnt deal with it correctly. i got depressed, upset, and started binge drinking on the weekends. but what i did last saturday is unbelievable! i still cant believe it happened. i got majorly wasted and my car hit a curb - tire and rim exploded and my mercedes fish tailed into a pole. i thought someone else was driivng my car - because i ran....and when the cops found me (after i hid in the bushes) they arrested me for my 3rd dui with a bac of .27 driving on a suspended license and hit and run. the only thing i have to say after seeing my car (which i just stood there crying hysterically) at the tow yard. not believing this is real. my car is totalled. i dont know if my insurance will pay the car off. i have to hide this from my job. i dont want to lose my job! and i am hiring a 5,000 lawyer to help me save my life. what the hell was i thinking? letting things get so bad. and the worst part? i could have killed someone. and that guilt is killing me. i wake up every morning crying. This is going to ruin my life. Last night i went to my 1st recovery meeting and the topic was "denial" and it hit me! like a ton of bricks! i had been in denial for the past few years about all the pain and anger i was trying to "mask" with alcohol. it seemed to numb the pain. anyways.....i dont even know what to do.....i am a mess!

Good for you! ..."Those who attempt to better themselves, when they become tired of being sick and tired, find a better road to healthy
You have obviously started to change your path. I can only commend you, and offer my support, such as it is.
I come from a long string(>4 generations) of alcoholics; alcohol is a
poison, and a mutagenic; if you drink it, you are ensuring there will
future generations of alcoholics.
Again, I encourage you to stick to your decision; it is hard, but one of the truly worthwhile goals in life.

I forgot to mention also that I was getting to the point that I was scared about getting drunk again, I was scared about nights out or even dropping in to have a couple of drinks with friends after work because I just get drunk so quickly. Sometimes I would wind myself up so much just worrying about getting drunk again and doing something so stupid that would ruin my life. That's no way to live life - to be scared about losing control and wrecking your life. I hate alcohol.

That is very interesting to hear, because I have experienced the same. I was not aware of it before just recently. But thinking about alcohol makes me anxious. I do not want to be someone who is anxious and kind of suppressed it, therefore I thought instead it was a feeling of remorse about stupid things I did. Now I understand that the unpleasant feeling thinking about alcohol is an anxiety about alcohol itself. I think that is a legit reason for turning down a drink or ten. If you stop drinking, then thats our answer, let the past be the past. Sober you will begin to make better decisions for yourself. Stand firm on that change, do not believe "just one drink" won't hurt.