It Affect My Personality

some people like drinking alcohol,right?
then,i am not.
all my friend drink alcohol,when i was with them i am so selfish.
they wanted me to drink this but i don't,
why?because,i don't like .

sometimes,friend teach you how to drink alcohol,and one day you are one of them.
i keep ''NO TO ALCOHOL''.
it affect my personality.
my family would say,I am Idiot,i don't like to hear this word.
sometimes,friends inviting you for a picnic somewhere to have fun,but i tell you..don't go with them..
it's affect's your studies or your personality.
be a simple woman and good woman .
keep up the good asset.

jhovie24 jhovie24
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

The longer period you don't drink, the more obvious the stupid alcohol culture becomes. I will never drink again, life is so much better without social drinking and the occasional binge episode. Alcohol is an unfriendly poison.