What Alcohol Has Done To Me In A Nutshell

Alcohol was one of the causes for my mom to beat me and neglect me as a child.

Later in life I witnessed something terrible and I covered it up by drinking. Not much later I was blacking out all the time.

It made me think I wanted to die while I was on it. I jumped into a river while partying on a boat and a rescue team had to get me. More times than i could count I threatened to kill myself. If I was sober I wouldn't have thought that way.

It has caused me anxiety and depression

It has gotten me in numerous fights and i have been arrested once for underage, once for a DUI, and another for public drunkenness.

I ended up waking up in someone else's bed that took advantage of me (more than once)

I ruined friendships

It caused me to let my guard down and I said yes to drugs like Molly and cocaine.

It made me socialize and become friends with the scummiest people.

It caused my mother to get in her car and crash into a pole one block away from her house. She died.

Now that I don't drink anymore I see myself in my best friend when she's drinking and it causes me to hate her at the moment. It is so ugly and unattractive to lose control.

Alcohol ruins lives and it should be illegal. So many ppl are hurt by it. People fight, get abused, kill themselves, kill others, make bad decisions and so on.

I hate alcohol!!!
CrazyStacy CrazyStacy
31-35, F
1 Response Apr 25, 2013

I can totally understand where your coming from..
I myself have made MANY stupid decisions while drinking, and have done things that I regret..
I agree in the sense that TOO MUCH alcohol should be illegal.. but the problem is that it would either have to be prohibited or as it is.. Legal

Not only that.. but people can actually overdose and DIE on Alcohol..
whereas lets say Marijuana is illegal.. but in my opinion not as many problems come of it..

I don't know.. its completely controversial.. :/

I agree with u completely. Out of all the drugs and crap I put myself through alcohol was the worst and the hardest to stop. I think that weed is fine or at least better. I know lots of ppl that smoke and they are good citizens and contributing to the world. They don't cause trouble and idk anybody that died from weed. I personally don't smoke because it causes me anxiety attacks and turns up the volume of negative thoughts about myself but I don't mind people that do.

Happy for you! I was never a regular drinker myself, but still managed to learn some shameful lessons from drinking! I HATE alcohol too, I am now teetotal and will never let anything convince me otherwise, life is great:) Stay strong!