Disgusting Tase

I don't disrespect people who drink or think that it messes people up. Alcohol doesn't mess people up, it's their choice to get messed up.

I just don't like the taste of it. I think it's gross.

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people do choose to drink,but they dont choose to get addicted,there is a strong phisical and mental pull ,and honestly if it were as simple as yes and no there wouldnt be any alcoholics,and the serious misery caused by their never ending problems

By the way..it's great that you think it's gross..so do I!

Your right..they do choose to drink and they do choose to do drugs in the beginning..and they should pay the consequences for their actions and many do.But..if you knew anything at all about alcoholism being a disease and or addiction..you would know that even when true alcoholics and addicts choose not to drink or do drugs..they do anyway.They then hate themselves and tell themselves that they'll never do it again...only to do it again!<br />
Now I'm not downing you about your story but believe me..I lived it for over twenty years with my ex-husband.I know that he was a wonderful person who drank way too much and who did way too many drugs until one day he crossed the line and couldn't come back to me..his children or anyone else..including himself.The alcohol and drugs destroyed him and his mind and he almost destroyed my children and myself in the end.<br />
All I'm saying is..he didn't choose to be an alcoholic or drug addict..the alcohol and addiction chose him.<br />
I hope you understand this and if you don't I hope that you'll educate yourself with it.<br />
As much pain as we all went through..believe me..I have no reason to defend an alcoholic or addict..I just know what I have seen and been through with my own eyes.<br />
I also know that a person like this suffers a great deal when their lives become so out of control that they can no longer gain control over it..the drinking or the drugs!<br />
<br />
Anyway..take care!

look, all I mean is that if a person CHOOSES to drink, they need to choose when to stop. if they kill someone because of drunk driving, they shouldn't have been drinking in the first place. it all starts with one stupid decision made by the person behind the wheel. that's like people saying that drugs destroyed their lives. it's a choice they make, and they have to learn to live with the consequences of their choices, no matter how bad.

If you don't think it can mess someone up and change them..live with an alcoholic for several years..I think you'd change your mind real fast<br />
Better yet..go to an AA meeting and listen to the stories of many whose lives have been destroyed by alcohol.And if you still don't get it..visit someone in prison who has been drunk and killed innocent people by getting behind the wheel of a car drunk.<br />
Alcoholism destroys and kills..and I seriously doubt that anyone chooses that!