Don't Ask Me For My Pee

 A friend of my fathers got a DUI recently after wrecking into some parked vehicles late at night coming home from a bar. The guy reminds me of Bluto from Popeye and I don't like him very much, however my dad can't get enough of this guy and he's always hanging around...kinda like a bag of garbage you forgot to empty before taking a stinks when you get home.
 Bluto is forced to pay for and attend alchohol counseling now. I think it's twice a week. So Bluto starts being nice to me one day and I'm thinking he wants to borrow money (that's usually the only time he's nice to anyone as far as I can see). I am wrong this time he wants to give me money...for my pee! That's right, for my pee. It seems Bluto is involved with other illicit substances and won't pass his pesky urine test without a jar of my pee.
 I want to tip off Alchoholics Anonymous or whatever counseling Bluto attends, however I have no way of knowing who to call. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? I know Bluto is on the hunt for a jar of clean pee and he says they're fools and won't know. I'd love to leave an anonymous tip with someone there.

Thanks for listening...anonymous
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5 Responses May 11, 2012

Call the local probation office.

Do you have a friend that is pregnant? I'd love to see him explain that.

As far as AA is concerned, to attend meetings, "The only requirement is a desire to stop drinking". We are here to help those that want help. If the dont want help then they wont get it. As far as professional organizations - their are confidentiality issues, so you you cannot find out. In either case, the goal is to help people and if he is trying to deceive them he is only deceiving himself and will not get any help. As a 6 year veteran of a methadone maintenance program I can tell you that if he brings in "cold" urine they will know that it isnt his...

I do not know the full story, weather you are a man or a woman. I would not if you can help it, if you are a woman, find some thing that is safe for you to take and would be something that a woman would take if your dad if forcing you you to do it, mabe talk to some you can trust, such as maybe your priest. <br />
Good luck, it sounds like you need It.

U can help him out becoz i don't see a possible threat to ur life or reputation...

****... Why the hell am i here lol