Alcoholic Ruining My Life..

Hi, My husband is an alcoholic,and druggie. He doesnt see it as a problem like I do. His best friend is the leader of an na group. My husband has not yet attended. My husbands drinking has lead to many numerous fights arguements. Im to the point I dont care what he does because I can no longer help him. Im ready to leave. I call him the bipolar drunk. Because sober he can be nice. I try to stop him at the first beer, but that always ends up in a loosing battle. Then he wants to leave. I used to try not to let him leave, now I almost encourage it because then I dont have to listen to him. Am I wrong for wanting to give up on him? I tried for 9 yrs. now. Just tired of fighting a battle I cant win.
tiredofurcrap tiredofurcrap
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1 Response May 12, 2012

I think it's time to kick him to the curb using any means available to you. 9 years of's too short. Just like he has to decide to stop on his own, you also have to put an end and draw the line at some point. There's no reasoning with someone like that. Get away while you still can before something terrible happens. If he's into illegal drugs what will you say when the cops bust down the front door and haul you off to jail? There are tons of good people in this world that cherish their wives and husbands and would never abuse them that way. The best of luck to you.