i do not hate them completely , i have had two partners in my life who have had this problem, i do not understand it as a disease. my current partner(i will call him that to save any confusion) i still love him we are just having another break!

i hate that alcoholics harm themselves with alcohol so much i for one can hardly drink a few glasses of wine these days, unhealthy kidneys after too many years of excesses. my daughters dad is also an alci, he drinks to excess and then tries to withdraw , he once drank in excess of twenty bottles of 28 unit vodka , he was okay but very ill, he admits himself to hospital when he cannot stop the drink to get librium for the withdrawals am not saying its often but still every couple of months is too much. he worries me but what can i do. its a terrible situation, am not allowed to see our daughter, she lives with his parents and his mother suffers with Alzeimers. i want him to stop and get his act together when he drinks he does not see her and am sure this must be detrimental to her when she goes a week or so without seeing him. its bad enough she does not see me, but she needs one of us and as i say i am forbidden to see her. his dad needs his support his mother is very ill. the strain really gets to me. i do not have many friends hardly any family , my partner is useless really, so not many people to talk to about my troubles. incidentally my partner is now a recovered alcoholic and put himself to good use by helping alcoholics /drugusers/homeless people get into employment so hes done well from how he was 18 months ago, so granted its not all bleak. i do not envy anyone who ever has a problem with booze it must take a hell of a lot of strength to kick the habit, so i do not hate alcis just could not find another group to write this post!
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May 16, 2012