Hate Alcoholics

My wife is an alcoholic and we have a lovely daughter, who is four years old. My wife can't stop drinking and was even hiding alcohol everywhere in the house. She keeps on drinking each time I am not around, and even when she is with the child. She turns violent and abusive to everyone around her. She is very argumentative and physically violent and had to call the police on several occasions. She even went for detox and AA meetings, but will always go to the shop after her meetings to drink. I tried and tried to talk to her but she does not seem to want to stop. She leaves the house for days and drink with people she meets on the streets. She even does not want to work and just wants to spend her time drinking. I tried to save my marriage and realised its not worth saving anymore as alcohol kills everything as I have been through so much pain, worries and nearly hit rock bottom. I have realised after six months of separation, I feel much happier with my daughter. We are both very happy without her around and being worried. My daughter once said " daddy i like it more in our new house without mummy and alcohol as its for bad people. Thank you for looking after me" I felt so overwhelmed for a child of 4.5 year old to say that. At least I feel I made the right decision. What I can advise to all parents, please do not drink in front of your children and always remember to put a child needs first. Alcohol destroy lives and the alcoholic is the only one to be lonely and left out at the end of the day.
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

You are a great dad!

You did the right thing, I'm sure you know that anyway. As the one time child of an alcoholic I absolutely know you have done the very best thing for your daughter. When your daughter has good and loving relationships in the future that is because of you. You have stopped your daughter taking so much emotional damage from an alcoholic mother that she was only fated to replay her damaged childhood over and over again. You've probably done your own heart a favour as well :)

good for you!! I'm the adult child of an alcoholic mother. I'm still suffering from her abuse even though I moved out when I was 18(36 now). She has ruined me. Physical and mental abuse. I have to live and deal with what she's done to my psyche. I fee damaged and I wasn't even the one who drank. So I applaud you, don't let her ruin your daughter, or you. Stay strong for your little girl. I wish my dad had, he only enabled her.