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Let Me First Say I Don't Hate Them. I Abhore Their Behavior And What They Do To Themself And Others

Because alcohol is more important. A disease, ya okay but it's also a choice. We all are given choices in this world, every day, it's a huge part of life from what are you going to eat today, when are you going to take a **** and what the hell you are going to shuv down your gullet. At least people with eating disorders have to look at food everyday and those with obesity have to deal with food everyday along with making that choice, but alcohol? I have very little compassion. I have been addicted (not meaning to, on prescription meds) and I know what it's like to detox. It was a hellish month, gruelling, no sleep, jitters, feeling like you are crawling out of your skin, not able to touch reality.

I hate it when an alcoholic uses the 'I can't help it, it's a disease and an allergy' allegation. Okay and i'm allergic to certain types of food that I stay away from.

Pffffffffft spare me your excuses. You have a choice.

Kindal Kindal 46-50, F 14 Responses Apr 12, 2010

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I agree ti Kindal

sabotagegirl, I'm sure they are if they are drinking, booze kinda has an effect that way.

Actually, some of the nicest people I know are alkies....

Silentwitness.....I feel the same way. I do know though if faced with it God will help me through it as I make the choice to seek him and get the help I would need. One cannot be helped unless they can help themself. I'm sure we all have had to dig ourselves out of some very tricky situations. :)

There but for the grace of God go I.

Saratog and Ninja, I never said I hate the alcoholic. You may want to re read what I wrote. I am speaking about active alcoholics. <br />
<br />
Silent witness...Its still a choice. I made the choice to stop and eventually if they don't make that choice they will die. I just hope they don't bring more people down or kill someone in the process.

Your last statement says it all. It is the ENABLER who has to control their actions as well. Kindal, addiction of any kind is an addiction. I don't think it is a disease, it is a condition. A condition that when caught up in it for so many years is harder to break than for instance biting your nails. It is the drug (alcohol or otherwise) that has one trapped in addiction, not just the habit. If it were just the habit, I believe many people would be able to quit. But when you have to fight the habit and the addiction as well, most people have to be at their lowest to either change, or reach for help. It is the ones who can't or don't want help who are the problem. They will either get there or not. Many live addicted until death.<br />
<br />
This does not mean that you have to tolerate it. I understand where you are coming from because I know your situation. But please try to understand that you were the lucky one who escaped the addiction and never went back. And thank God for that. There are people who are not as strong as you internally. Our country is full of addiction clinics with many return clients. It is not that easy to brush off as a choice. Now all you need is to escape the hell that puts you with an alcoholic, it will be bitter sweet, but you will be alot happier. Just stay safe, that is all I ask. And we will be here to help you, just like you have helped us. You are such a good friend. Thank you.

I do hope that what you are saying is that you hate active alcoholics and not those who have recovered from this.

Thanks RJ, yup i'm sure I come across angry, bitter and fed up because I am. My time will come and it will be bitter sweet but eventually the freedom will be more sweet as time goes on. Thanks for commenting hon. I do have compassion for them but I cannot enable it either. XX Kindal

Thanks Luv for commenting. :)

There is a lot of support and help for those that really want to quit their addictions. Thanks Kindal..

It's okay Queen, like I said we all have our own take on it. I understand where you are coming from. They have also proven scientifically that obese people have lack of seratonin in the brain, does that mean it's okay for them to remain unhealthy? I'm overweight so I know. I don't think it's okay for me to live like this and i'm trying daily to lose weight. I have lost weight. It's a daily choice. <br />
<br />
Thanks Candy.......I think you are right. There are things we can do to help ourself if we will.

good story Kindal..I hav seen this growing up it is just weak ppl.. They drink to bring out what they can't say or do sober.Same with drugs.... they need something positive to do and liv is a choice ..we all hav the will do good things...theres music,nature,animals,fun positive ppl etc..or u can be the one to make them smile! smiles are lov....... :)

Queen. Thanks for commenting but I would like to say does it really matter what the frikken scientific evaluation is? I mean seriously, like I said it's a choice. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we can 'Scientifically' prove many many things, it's still a choice. <br />
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When I was in highschool I was drinking every morning before school for a period of time. I began to enjoy the burn, liked the way it was feeling going down my throat and liked how it relaxed me, made me more sociable and was easier to get through the day. I can say I was addicted but I also knew that if I continued down that path it would be difficult (not impossible) for me to come back. I do understand the struggle but what i'm saying is I don't understand those who have years and years of addiction to alcohol. It's my personal opinion that they just simply do not want to get free from it and use all excuses in the book (for most it serves some kind of purpose like not being fully present in life or getting attention) for not 'WANTING' to stop drinking. They say they want to but do they really, I don't think so. <br />
<br />
Pumpkin..... I understand the 'disease', I don't understand the excuses. I'm there with ya sister, I don't like the taste very much and definately not enough to drink it all the time and hate the way it makes me feel later.