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I have delt with Alcoholism my entire life. My mothers brother B and one of her uncles J that I was extremly close too bothe suffered with it.  The problem was it was not just them who suffered it was the whole family.  I remember worrying about them all the time even when I was young.  My uncle J moved on to drugs along with the drinking and died when I was only in my twentys and he was in his fiftys.  I miss him alot and wish that that it never got a grip on him.  My uncle B thankfully started AA and is now clean for almost two years.  I am so proud of him and relieved that he is doing so good.  I remember many a night being pulled out of bed to go get his kids becasue my aunt worked and he would be drunk.  I also remember having to go over to my grandparents house many times over the years to break up fights between him and my grandfather.  My brother started drinking at about 7 years old I dont really know how because my parents never had alchol in the house and never drank.  He quickly progressed and is now a full blown alcoholic and addict.  He had done everything.  He has been in over a dozen rehabs in the last 16 years and still uses.  He is not as bad as he was for a while but one of my biggest fears is that he will go back there.  He is 27 and still lives at home.  His addictions torture hima dn in return he tortures the family.  I worry every day about my parents and freek out if i dont hear from them at least ever ten hours or so.  I am so sick and tired of this and I really hate ALCOHOLISM AND ADDICTION
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Me too! My father was an alcoholic & it made our household life extremely difficult for everyone....

Some day.

Don't know that one.

I know and the bad thing is when it happens it means they wont be here no more

Have you tried al Anon ?

No I never have time with taking care of grandma and now running to drs and hospials for tests with dad maybe someday i will have me time to go

Alcohol is what took my mom from me. It creates such a gaping hole that's unbearable.

I lost a uncle who i was soo close too and the hole that left has never trully healed and my biggest fear and knowledge is that i will have another soon if my brother dont straighten him self out

I have been going for 12 years

Have you ever been to Al Anon"

truthfully till recently i never knew how they all affected me so i never really looked in to it but am thinking of doing so now

Addiction is a whole family issue...my son has been to rehab for drug use...so frightening as a mother to watch your son struggle. He's been clean 6 mths now....i'm very grateful, and hope he stays on the right path

It sure is I cant put a number on the sleepless nights and worry filled days i have spent over the years. I am glad your son is clean and hope he stays that way now only if my brother would only do the same

You unforturetly are surround by that evil, all I can do is wish you luck and patience for dealing with all of them. I do not have anyone in my family who has that issue, but I have meet a young lady on here that likes getting drunk and from the way it sounds passes out because of it, she says see likes the drunk feeling. I do worry a lot about her, but there is nothing I can do to stop her. She lives England I believe.
I do wish you well and applaud you for your patience with your family, they are lucky to have some one who still cares about them.

thank you I try to remember that there behavior is not really them. I do get mad and blow up at times though. I always tell my brother I love my brother not the devil that took over his body.

Good luck on finding a solution if there is one.

I have found al Anon helpful.

Have you been to Al Anon ?

no i have not. truefully i have just recently realize how much thier addictions and behavior have affected me.