Definitely Do

My mother died when I was born and I think my father never got over it...

Ever since I can remember he drank a lot... And that usually made him really violent towards me... For example he blamed me for my mums death and on a few occasions decided I didn't deserve to live...

Only have a few memories where he wasn't drunk... I'm not gonna say he was a nice guy then but it was better...

So yes I hateit
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My best friend is an alcoholic and it kills me that he's drinking is life away. His dad asked me to step in and talk to him about it but I knew it wouldn't do any good. He would get really vicious with me (verbally) if I confronted him and still wouldn't change so why even go there?

Feel so bad for you that your father is treating you this way. I wish I could give you some advice but I just don't know what to tell you. If you need anyone to talk to that understands you can always message me ((hugs))

Don't live with him anymore

Good advice! I don't anymore...but when his father wanted me to talk to him I did. How are things going with you today?

Meant me... He lost custody when I was 8 and by now I'm livening with my sister

What is that like? Is it a lot better? Do you see him very often?

It's a lot better first one I actually trust to some point was in boarding schools befor... Cys didn't alone her to take me with her on the road and homeschool me... They changed their mind after I got expelled twice...

Don't see him at all he killd him self about a year ago but never saw him again after I moved out

Must have been awful for your family when he killed himself even if he wasn't...well...exactly a great father in some ways. I'm glad you're happier now. So you're being homeschooled now? How do you like that?

To be honest I didn't care... And all family I count as still being family is my sister... She kind of feels the same way even thought he treated her decent...

Is your sister a lot older than you?

Hm... A little over 13 years...decide on yourown

Are you going to be home schooled until you graduate or are they going to put you in another boarding school? (boarding school that is so Harry Potter :) )

we'll see... not really decided yet... but guess next year's gonna stay the same... don't think my sis trusts anybody with me yet or reather me outside of her eyesight...

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