Pathetic America

I have lived in the USA all of my life and have seen too many things and know too many things about too many things.
The USA used to be a most beautiful place to live your dreams out, than the darkness came.

I as a child had a very hard life due to my father beating me badly and my family always fighting.
The government is so hateful, so controlling and so overpowered it has become a serious issue. never had any american friends as a child.

The US government can make any law they want and you have no choice but to follow it .And for some strange reason
I have never felt like this was my home.

I don't know why but, I have always felt at home around the Asian class, when I was a baby my american mother always tried to get me to talk or walk, but it was my Asian baby sitter that I first walked to and said mam to.

I have never been able to feel at home or comfortable around Americans, only Asians.

I have never been able to even feel like my parents were my parents, I have never felt comfortable around them or been able to show them any love at all, but my baby sitter who is half Chinese half Korean has always felt like more of a mother to the point to where she told me one day.

I should have been born her child, and I should have. But as for America?

America is too free, when you have people like those who have access to tactical hidden cameras and credit card scanners and such, you know its too free.

The corruption and violence is off the charts, and the only thing the news in the USA ever talks about is he shot him or this person killed
or she was raped or murder, crime and corruption.

The USA is always trying to be better than everyone else and is blind to see, America will never be better, always saying, we must out school
out teach, out this or out that.

America is a bad example and needs to wake up and stop ******* off other countries, I have never heard of any US president saying he was sorry for this or that.

America needs to put the people first again, and stop saying its in our best interest. The government according to the original deceleration to my understanding was supposed to work with the people not control them.

The US government are liers and are not to be trusted, they always go about the law how they want to and never the way its supposed to.
They always go beyond what their supposed to, then when people retaliate, they lie and say were in the wrong or out of control.

I truly wish the US government was ******** of all their power and had their own power forced upon them so they can see how it feels.
I used to love the USA as a child, now it makes me sick to breath American air, I am now anti America and Anti american.

It makes me sick to live in this garbage of a country, and I am disgraced to be called an American. There ares o many countries in the world I can not go to because why, I am an American, Americans disgust me and make me want to throw up.

They do stupid things for attention, they think their better than everyone else, they think their so big and bad.
Wake up America, or some other country will wake you up.

I Hate America because This country thinks its so great now, which it once was, but its not now.
Most of my friends I have now which are all Asians, mostly female, say, I will be arrested for saying I hate America, because they say the government.

Will think I am some home grown threat, well, I don't believe in that crap, just because you hate something doesn't give you the right to hurt or kill it.
As much as I hate to admit this, terrorist need to get a life and stop attacking America, because this country is pathetic enough, leave it alone.
Kyitsu Kyitsu
May 23, 2012