**** America

I AM SO SICK OF AMERICA. I AM BEGINNING TO HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. I hate baseball, I hate their ***** form of football where they are all padded up, I hate how almost everyone is completely ignorant, I hate their accents, BUT MOST OF ALL I hate gun happy stupid ********. Everyone thinks if they take away our precious right to bear arms every criminal is going to pop out of the woodwork and shoot them. I am so tired of these ******* gun law posts with everyone freaking out about how Obama wants to get rid of AUTOMATIC WEAPONS. JUST AUTOMATIC. The ones that can kill a whole room of people within minutes. THEY ARE NOT NECESSARY. Look at the UK. Hardly anyone has guns. You don't see them freaking out about it. They have had ONE mass murder involving a gun. ONE!!!! Can Americans even imagine what that would be like? People in America are IGNORANT. Also rude as hell. When I met my fiance I always thought how bad it sucked he lived in another country. Then I came here for two weeks and was BLOWN AWAY. This place is FIVE ******* MILLION times better than America. I came again and have been here 5 months, and I am devastated to have to go home. I don't like America. I never did. But now that I see how much better life is away from that HELL HOLE I NEVER EVER want to go back. I don't belong there. And it's not fair. I speak English, I am white, MY ANCESTORS CAME FROM THE UK. I should be able to ******* stay here!! I am usually adult but I am just blowing off some steam and acting like a kid because I can't stand the thought of returning to that greased up, ignorant, racist place. **** YOU AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

<p>Automatic guns have been illegal for a long time. The government wants to take away our guns used for home protection and hunting. That's just wrong. It's a 2nd amendment right. That's how important the founding fathers thought it was to be able to protect yourself. It was the second thing that came to their minds after free speech. There will always be psychotic people shooting others, especially in America, whether guns are illegal or not. That's why it is so important to be able to protect yourself against the psychos. Even more so, the ability to protect yourself against a tyrannical government. Which is exactly what the United States government is becoming. That's why they want to take our guns. They don't give a **** about the public's well-being. They don't want people to be able to defend themselves when they, the government, get out of hand.</p><p>Our dollar value will fall. Our economy will crash. When it does, it will be chaos. More than likely, the government will try to use our own military against our people. If you aren't able to fight back, you'll be ******. </p><p>When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free. We loose more of our freedoms everyday. At some point, the people will rise up. A civil war will ensue. Our government knows this. Most of the people in this country are just ******* idiots. They are scared of everything the government tells them to be afraid of. They think the government will help and protect them from evil, when they are the evil. People are retarded and blind to the fact all they know and love has been slipping out from underneath them for years. Unfortunately it will likely take tragedy to wake them up. </p><p>Someday though, they will realize it is the government that should fear it's people. At least, that's the way this system of government was initially thought to be. Where the people are in charge, and it is their duty to keep the government in line.</p>