It Should Work Like Pro Wrestling.

Barrack Obama We have Seen what your Opponent has said about you and that at Electionmania He Will Walk Away With your title with his argument being that That's The Bottom Line. Cause Stone Cold Said So.... How do you respond?"
*Jerks Microphone From Interveiwers Hand*
*Dramatic Pause*
"............ Finally! Finally! Barrack Has Come BACK to Phlideeeellllphia....
And Barrack has excepted the challenge to defend his title against Stone Cold Mitt Romney at Electionmania...."

"But Know This ALL The Jabroni Republicans and CANDIED *** Conservatives that At Electionmania you will not be fighting any man but you will be going ONE ON ONE With The Fake One...."

"And Barrack Will Take Stone Cold's redneck *** and take him down Yes We Can Boillivard, We're gonna hang that right on Hope And Chang Avenue... And Barrack Will Check Your Candied *** DIE-RECALLY INTO THE HEALTHCARE HOTEL!"

"And You AND The Millions...."
*And The Millions*
"Of Barrack's fans around the world will watch Barrack Keep whats his and walk away from the grandest Stage Of Them All ..... Electionmania STILL The President Of The United States...
*Glass shatters*
Mitt Romney Drives Beer Truck Towards Ring...
TheDaken TheDaken
31-35, M
Sep 20, 2012