I Sincerely Hope This Isn't What the Founding Fathers Had In Mind

Sometimes when I just sit and think about it, it can be hard for me to believe that this is seriously the system of government for the most powerful nation in the world (might have to update that in a decade or two *cough* China). I sincerely doubt that this was what the 'Founding Fathers' had in mind.

Two parties? Geez, I hope things don't degenerate into partisanship. Having only two parties really kills a lot of the reason involved in the choices of many people. Seriously, it's like being part of a religion. NO that's MY leader; whatever he/she says is the truth, and no explanations of reality will ever sway me!

Issues aren't important. It's a show, and it is as absurd as some of your shows on TV. If the masses actually voted for what they really wanted, they would want to be safe (from health issues, unemployment, external threats *cough*), they would want to be free, and they wouldn't vote for loopholes that make it "legal" for the government to spy on them.

But no; they are manipulated like the ignorant sheep that they are by this carnival act that is viewed as ludicrus by the rest of the world. People really have the power, if you really have a democracy. I want Americans to see things objectively, and to ******* grow up.

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1 Response Sep 11, 2008

I think it's both..<br />
I think that people have a responsibility to make an informed decision when it comes to voting in a government that represents them. But when your choices are limited to rich guys from only two parties, and the resources are not available for people to make informed decisions.. well, you've seen where this leads.