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I truly believe the party system is the major problem we have in elections.  Both candidates speak of change, but since everyone votes along party lines in the senate and congress most of the time....what can actually change?  Unless we can convince our politicians that we really really want them to stand up and be individuals representing us, change is impossible.  Anyone have an idea for an alternative to the party system?  I would love to lose those "D" and "R" from our government.

The second change I would like to see is to get rid of the electoral vote.  Living in Massachusetts, which has voted democrat in every presidential election since I have been voting, means I have no reason to go vote.  My vote doesn't count.  It doesn't matter if I vote R or vote doesnt go anywhere.  Wouldn't it be nice if my little vote..was added to a tally and the person with the most votes in the country won? 

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look at Japan. they have no party system... no haggling over what needs to be done for their country,

so therefore decisions get done in a timely manner... why ? no party system to argue with.

The electoral college ensures that millions of votes don't really count, and it actually makes it possible for someone with less votes to win. And that seems really strange to me..

I am a proponent of proportional representation. This system was voted on by Canadians a year or two ago, but it was rejected. This system would allow parties that didn't win seats in Parliament to receive seats based on their percentage of the popular vote. That's a great idea.

Right now, some parties are under-represented in the government. If a party can receive millions of votes of support, I think they deserve to have a voice. After all, votes are the voice of the people in how they are governed.

The US needs an entirely new political system, but it is so engrained that it seems impossible (except for the outside chance of a revolution). It's a terrible system, but electoral reform probably isn't going to happen in any meaningful way. Too many interests at stake.