Oh Yes I Do

i just had a looong conversation about this with someone the other day. basically all the rich people get the power over the country with all their political stunts and campaign ads and spend million of dollars and half of these people are just plain crazy, political stunts, or bad people that don't even deserve to be president. i'm not pleased with either party for our U.S. president right now. i know it's my right to vote but as of now i'm not really sure which way to turn... all i know is there are people who would make much better leaders than obama or mccain but they don't have all the money and people and the self esteem to make themselves known to america and it's pretty sad because i know those people could take way better care of our country than the last few presidents and the future one. i could rant about this for hours, but i doubt any of you who read this will understand me as it is so i'm done......

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1 Response Oct 8, 2008

I get what you're saying. It's a poor system; it's just gotten too big. You can't get anywhere in politics if you aren't rich. And you are only allowed to pick two people who have a chance of winning. America is so strongly partisan that a third party will never have a chance.