I Hate New York City

its YOU live in a HOUSE or some thing some CORPORATE slime wants. They have a security camera thats makes recordings LIKE I am A HEROINE addict. I don't know how they do it. BUT YOU feel the POKING of a NEEDLE in you leg, or a TATTOO, or some smelly n*gger driving a MTA rubs his LEG then your FEEL it maybe hours LATER> I did not ID that man.... OH IRELAND is a REALLY small country with ALOT of POLACKS living over there..... you have to BUY an ELECTRONIC wall.. why don't you grow up and count cC*nt hairs, raise a good family..ah maybe this won't happen.....maybe you are doing it to yourself... after you spent 2 million dollars on surveilance equipment......
Igiveyounothing Igiveyounothing
41-45, M
Dec 6, 2012