Mixed Feelings

I love and hate anal sex. It hurts and feels uncomfortable and I just don't enjoy it. But it also makes me feel more submissive and more like a **** which I love.
Gkitten Gkitten
26-30, F
4 Responses Dec 16, 2012

I recommend that you find a mature lover. An older man will have the experience and the patience to fulfill your anal desire without pain.

You can be my anal mistress. Add me.

Anal sex can give you the biggest ****** you have ever had if you truly get into it

Then it is settled. That is the first place I'll take you when you're tied spread eagle to the bed. Thanks for letting me know what you hate the most :)

I cry like a baby when I'm being ****** in the ***. But at the same time I feel like its right that it happen.

Mmmm. Now I can definitely get behind that. Being all rough and calling me names and telling me to just ******* take it.... I'm wet already.