Love and Hatred

My boyfriend is the one I love the most and the one I hate the most.

He's so extremely arrogant, everything HE does is great and I can't do anything right. For example the movies I watch are terrible and I only love them because everyone loves them (is what he says), but the movies HE is watching are the best movies ever made etc. etc. etc. He's like that with everyone, not only with me. He just thinks he's the best human ever made on this world or something, everything should be done the way HE wants it. Ugh it annoys me so much.

Furthermore he never want do to anything fun, like going to the zoo or the movies or anything. The only thing he does is sitting behind his computer and playing games with his friends online. He once did that four hours long or something when I was there, so I was extremely bored and he just didn't get what he was doing wrong! We never do something I want to do because, oh yes, everyting I like is boring/stupid/childish/whatever and everything he does is the best thing in the world and I'm just stupid if I don't want to do it.

Oh and then this time when I was at a party with friends, he was there too. There was a new guy there who just couldn't stop touching my knee or shoulder and flirting with me, it drove me crazy but I was too scared to say something so I just went over to my boyfriend mouthing that he had to help me. What did he do? He was angry at ME, because I should stop flirting with the guy! I didn't even do anything, the guy was touching ME! It took me weeks to convince him that I loved him and not that random guy, but he's still not convinced that I wasn't doing anything wrong, it was still my fault in his eyes, brings it up in any other fight we had.*sigh*

And still after all those things that annoy me so much, I love him. I mean I know he loves me and is really happy with me and he can be really sweet too. I can always tell him everything and go to him whenever I feel bad. My home situation isn't that great, so I'm really glad to have someone to go to. But still I wish he was a bit nicer to me sometimes...

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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I know you posted that in 2009 but i had to comment. <br />
It sounds like you found my ex boyfriend lol.....and he's my ex for all the reasons you just laid out, do yourself a favor and follow in my foot steps (if you haven't already), because they never change!

Hey there, I am sorry to hear that about your boyfriend. Look at your relationship together: are you more often upset/hurt/angry with him, or more often happy/content with him? if you are more often unhappy, then it's time to MOVE on. He needs to realize, after all, eventually that he is not the most important thing in the world, and that other people's feelings matter- at least the ones he is in a relationship with. Best of luck~!