Stop Hurting Animals!!

I hate the fact that people hurt animals and harm their habitats. There are ways to do the same things we already do without harming innocent creatures. I am one of those who contribute to this fact, notout of force, but because of a decision I made once I found out what happens to these poor creatures who cannot speak for themselves. I became a vegitarian when I was 7 years old, because I had a puppy who was stolen and given to a facility that tested makeup products on animals and then killed them for their meat. I am now 18 years old and haven't had meat scince I was a child. I also believe that we should stop using animals for their meat, and testig makeup products on them. And it's not like they test their toys and foods on us, so why should we do it to them? I honestly think that America should do better that this. Stop pollution, stop testing products on animals, and stop killing so many creatures for their meat. I once had an amazing experience with a horse who was later shot for her meat. Her name was Sky, and she was a beautiful Arabian mare. I was 10 years old, and I loved horses. I still do, by the way. Anyways, my mother brought me to a stable where I could pick a horse and keep it for myself. It would have to stay in the stable, because we had no space to build a place for her in our house, even though our backyard was half the size of Walmart. There was a large pool, many toys, and 3 pets. A dog, a cat, (a baby leopard actually) and another dog. We had found our leopard wandering around one night on a street in an abandoned town in Louisiana, where I'm from. (We thought she had come from the local zoo, that had closed down because of hurricane Katrina.) Anyway, my horse was a good friend to me, but she was also very sick. She had heart problems, and a tumor in her stomach. I didn't care.  As soon as I saw her, I sensed a connection. We bought her for 1,000 dollars, and I came to ride her every day before school and after school. I rode her like that for 3 years, when her life was close to a end. I stayed with her for long hours, not knowing what day together could be our last. I also kept a scrapbook of all our adventures together, and treasure it to this day. Around about September, they told me they had to shoot her for her meat. I did not allow it. I went back to the stables around a week after they told me this, and her stall was empty. I looked all over the stable, not knowing what they had done to her. I finally asked the stablehand, and he said that she had been shot. I cried as soon as I heard this, and was depressed from it for about 2 months. The stables called my mother one day, and they told her exactly what she told me: "Sky is dead, but her meat will not be used. Instead, she was buried near the stables so that I could visit her whenever I wanted." I was so happy about this that I quickly changed and begged my mother to drive me to the sables. Scince then, I wanted to hep animals like Sky that are killed for their meat. And I am also glad that the stable Sky was in has seen the error of their ways, and has not killed an animal scince I was 12 years old. I believe that killing animals is wrong, and so is harming their habitats. And even though the animals that people test makeup products on may look georgeous, I hate that people do it. We should more likely test makeup on humans, and if it doesn't work out, then the products shouldn't be sold.

fablousprettygirl fablousprettygirl
18-21, F
Jul 27, 2010