It Makes Me Sick.

All animal abusers should rot in hell. Seriously. How can anyone at all hurt an innocent creature??? Sick sadistic f*ckers, they should be the ones being tortured... If I had my way with them, they would end up being dead.
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just saying but tht video is ***** **** compared to the video link above lol.

i saw a video of a chinese skin farm and it was awful because the animals were still alive after being skinned.

what is the name of the video

Some people are just sick when it comes to animals an stuff I have a dog and it was actually rescued from some sick **** who didn't feed him at all and he'd been beaten. We've had him for about 7 years now and he's an alsation a huge german Shepard and although bad shot happened to him it's nice to see that he's back to how he should be. The guythat actually abused him was fined which I think is ******* stupid the laws on these crimes should be alot harsher.

Yes your right no need to treat any one human or animal with abuse but untill we get serious deterants in place this will continue to happen.However its the goody to shoes,PC brigade human rights people who start screeming if you so much as hurt one of these people.Its not the rights of the aggressor that need help but the human/animal who was abused/killed.

Oh my god D:<br />
I cried... that's so terrible....

did u watch tht video scotsqueen

They should be put in prison and treated the same. Do unto others as you would have done to you.

This video is awful and it makes me sad.

Yeah =/ I'll look at it. People are so terrible.

I found this undercover video of animal abuse. It's absolutely awful. I dont know if you would want to see it.