He Dumped His Puppy And Bragged About It.

I am usually a very laid back, easy going kind of person.  I don't lose my temper easily, in fact I have perhaps too much tolerance of people and always look to find the best in them. But there are some things in life that just cannot be over looked. Even by me.  My love and respect of animals being one of them. there is not an awful lot to say about it really, except this 'horrible person' had the sheer audacity to sit in my home, in front of my family, and brag about dumping his poor defenseless puppy in a field, just because he no longer wanted it. (Even worse he & his moron of a girlfriend were actually in fits of laughter as well.)  Can you believe they were actually proud of them selves?   Well, I think it suffices to say it most certainly was not a pleasant ending of a visit (for either of them)  and their cruel smile's were well and truly wiped off their smug faces.  I'm pleased to say they left in a hurry and they never did visit again.
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People like that are truly disgusting to me.

Thoes two were so cruel to do that to the pup, glad you gave them a peice of your mind to say the least

Your story barely conceals the anger that you feel but knowing you now I realise how deeply upsetting you would have felt on hearing that brave idiot tell his tale of heroically abandoning a little puppy. What next I wonder - manfully swatting a fly!!.

You're correct! I was extremely angry :(
I just wished I had thought at the time of carrying out some of the ideas as suggested from the previous comments!! :)

It's no laughing matter but He He He!!

I remain persuaded that the people who are cruel towards the animals, are cruel towards mankind and cruel with respect to themselves. It is very easy to make evil with a fragile heart, or an animal without defense. I would like to see these people attacking a lion or an elephant. Not, it is easier to make evil with its chihuahua, at least the animal cannot be defended. One calls that of cowardice, one also starts with animals, then they continues on the human ones! The recent and current past shows us well what certain people are able in our society. It is like attacking the children, a truth sacndale ! And you made well you moved away from these people !<br />
(PS : animal comes from Latin “ anima ” ) = Soul !

HaHa Yes I too would like to see them try this with a lion! ;0)
I agree that these people are complete cowards and I do not want anything to do with them.
Thank you kindly for your comment. x

You should have pretended to go along with them and then suggest you all go on a drive somewhere and then you should have dumped them in a field in the middle of nowhere!

haha yes I wished I had thought of that at the time, believe me I would have done too! Thank you for your comment.

hehe i like your style but they deserve some torture or something at least.....lol. i'm sorry if thats over the top for anyone....its just this kind of behavior gets me raging!!! as least those selfish idiots can stand up for themselves if need be.....whats a poor pup to do? or any other animal for that matter?

Did you try and find the puppy?

Yes I'm pleased to say he was safe and sound as fortunately he was picked up by the local dog warden. Thanks for your comment.


"Rolls eyes" sadly the world is full of them.

Good for you, like you say some things can't be overlooked, and we all have to stand up against abuse like that.

Thank you for you're comment. This happened many years ago and it still makes me feel so incredibly angry when I think about it,