That Stray Cat And Five Kittens

I love animals and always be, especially cats ,for being Muslim  and stays in Muslim society even in my religion so many stories regarding stories how people goes to heaven because feeding the starving dogs yet in Malays society dogs just cant be accepted tho" animal fate is quite bad ,dogs even worse .But what I am writing here is about the fate of that cat and I am sure she was belong to somebody before, she is Siamese and with 5 kittens stays in front of my clinic ,the mummy became very friendly to me probably I feed them, the kittens was born by the side of my clinic where there is entrance to to the apartment above ,so near the entrance there is enclave where they put post box above so the cat was delivered over there .
They are some people who love animal too here but not too many, I gave the mum and her kitten a nice box so they can stay comfortably ,somebody has changed the box to a proper cage wow! that is wonderful I was happy that I was not alone , but alas, one night when I finished working as usual before I go home I will feed the cat and kittens first , but I couldnot find them and the cage was in the corner being thrown away by somebody who obviously hate the animals and the enclave that used to housed them is covered by a plank of wood and nailed down, I was so sad, so angry and was so shock to see all these I asked them who has done these things nobody confessed they are all coward I said .
Few days I kept on looking for them but I just couldnt find them, but few days latter the mummy came back I was so glad but without her kittens ,then I said "this is even crueler where were the kittens, i was so very sad but I just so hopeless ,how i wish I can take them all but my hands are tight cause I stay in apartment I already few cats with me even then I dont declared otherwise they will confiscated all my cats they are 3 of them .
The mummy keep on crying looking for her babies I can see her milks are full for not being sucked I guessed for few days I tried to consoled her i give her soft food her favourite food even then she didnt touch them tho'" .......
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1 Response May 22, 2012

I feel so bad for the mom and her babies... Maybe someone found the babies and took them to a good home? That's what happened to my cats.