I Was A Shelter Dog

My name is Emma. I was a shelter dog. No one wanted me anymore. I lived there 2 months. One day a lady came and actually adopted me. ME! I don't know what I'm in for but it has to be better than hell.
My new mom drove 4 hours round trip just to bring me home. I hope it was worth it cuz I have no manners, I'm a mix breed and BIG! No one taught me right from wrong. I don't know what I did to be left unwanted anymore. Here's hoping.
Oops. Pottied in the house again. I hope she doesn't send me back. Hmmm, this mom doesn't yell at me. She just shows me the difference and how to fix it right. I think I'm feeling what it's like to be loved. ME!
Well, I know to ask to go out, and ask for stuff. Cool toys, nice food and she lets me sleep with her. This life is COOL.
Mom said I can't sleep with her anymore cuz I can't make up my mind all night if I want on top or under the covers and she's tired of being woken up to lift the covers. I have a nice bed though. I asked for a week to sleep with her but oh well....kinda lonely out here. I'm LONELY.
Mom took me to the shelter today to find a friend other than her. Hmmm. They all look good. OOOO that one is scarey! MOMMY! Hey wait, who's that skin and bone girl dog? I like her. We went in the play yard and played. I want her to come home with us. Her name is Sally and her family left her at the shelter in the middle of the night while she was giving birth.
Mom said Sally can't come home for a week cuz she has to get spayed. She went to visit her every day though. How long is a week?
Sally's HOME!!!!! I gotta be nice cuz she had surgery. I love my Sally.
Since she's been home she doesn't look skinny and she taught me how to stay in the yard. She bugs me sometimes though. She likes to drag me by the ear, but I get her back. I grab her by the back leg and yank it out from under her. We have so much fun. We play all day outside. We run, tackle, tug of war and do stuff mom wouldn't like if she was watching. I don't know why Sally likes to sit on my head when I'm trying to sleep, but we always sleep together. No one can break us a part. We are best friends.
I guess being a shelter dog was ok. hell is horrible, but look what I got now.
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I Was A Shelter Dog...Part Two has been posted. See what Emmas been up too!

This story is awesome. It says a hell of a lot of good things about the owner and her pets. :) I'm glad to see people like you are giving them a second chance at happiness and being loved. You have a great narration style, too. Just what I'd expect a dog to think like.

Thank you for liking Emma's story. She is an absolute character! Sally is coming along. Took her 6 months to wag her tail, but is now feeling like this is home. Terrified of the car ( I think she's scared she won't come back home. Dropped at shelter in the night while giving birth. Not even a note)So I put her in the car and we drive around the culdasac so she can see home the whole time. I say "sally, you want to go home? Let's go home Sally." and then as we go through the gate I tell her she's home. I only need her to be able to ride safely in the car for emergencies and vet.. They have 4 acres and two horses to play with and doing well....There may just be another story soon from Sally. :)

Hey! I Was A Shelter Dog...Part Two has been posted!

thats a great story. its nice when we see it from the animals eyes instead of in a human way. they have feelings too. give emma and sally a big bone to chew from me. They deserve it and all the love in the world.

Cute story. It's good when dogs get rescued.