I Was A Shelter Dog...part Two

Hi everybody! It's me, Emma and I'm back to tell you more. I don't have alot of time cuz I gotta go to work soon. Mom says my job is to have FUN! Me and my BFF Sally have BIG plans today! It's been raining and glory be, LOTS of mud to roll in!
I like chasing birds, eating bugs, and licking toads. Yup. Today is gonna be GOOD!
I got a new collar. It's purple and mom wrote my phone number on it cuz I like to sneak out. She says the world has to know I GOT A HOME! My very own forever family and she don't want that to change.
Sally and me made a fort under the house. It's cool. We pulled brush and spread it out and it's a nice place to be.
Well, I gotta tell you...I thought of a really neat trick but it only lasted a week. I always ask to go out at night and mom gives me a treat. So I thought hmmm. Go out once and geat a treat, why not wait to do the other and get TWO treats! Mom caught on and now instead of being able to do that, she said one time to do both, or wait til morning. But she's COOL! I still get TWO treats! I love mommy!
Well, not everything is all good and let me tell you why. Me and Sally got the garbage all over the livingroom. When mom got up she wasn't too happy. I pretended I was asleep, but she still figured out it was us. How she know that? I didn't get in no trouble though. She just said SHAME ON YOU! Now she locks the garbage up and nightime is once again BORING!. Why she thinks I gotta sleep I don't know.
Mom got two new chairs the other day. OH MY! I can't wait! She says they are LAZY BOYS! NOT LAZY DOGS. What she mean by that? I'm not allowed on the furniture. Mom doesn't know so don't you tell, but I sleep on the couch EVERY night. Sally took all the insides out of my bed so I gotta sleep somewhere.
This weekend Sally and me pulled the plants outta the pots so we could play in the dirt. Maybe it wasn't the best idea now that I think about it, but it was FUN and life is FUN!
mommy and me always have mornings outside. She eats her breakfast after she feeds us. I love to rest my chin on her leg, put my ears up and my gold eyes big. I even tilt my head. I KNOW Im cute but she don't share. Theres gotta be a way. I'll figure it out and let you know.
I know what I want to be when I grow up. Mommy says I can be anything. So, I decided I'm gonna be a LAP DOG! Mom says no way cuz I'm 60 lbs, but I practice by being half a Lap dog. Im good at that, so why not the whole thing?
Well, I got tons more to tell, but will have to come back another day. Got alot to do out there. 5 paws up. LIFE IS GOOD!
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This is so adorable! Thank you for making it!