Ultimate Resistance To Animal Abuse And Cruelty

If you ultimately love animals then become vegetarian or vegan, boycott all forms of animal explotation in the name of entertainment such as Circuses,Horse Racing,Dog Racing,oppose all forms of testing on animals both for cosmetic and medical research. If you are prepared to do any of the above then you can truely call yourself an animal lover.
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Some of the great things that come from animal research

Animal testing has saved millions of lives and the Zoo gives their animals a really good life. I don't eat a lot of meat ever but i support people farming to feed themselves when winter hits cows are months of protein to country families. I understand why your sad but I have to think you'll want to feed a baby before it dies because there isn't any milk.

Animal testing has not saved lives,But more animals than you could possibly imagine have died because of it.Even an honest scientist agrees that we are so different in every way that Animal testing does not tell them how a human would react.they have done endless liver heart transplant with primates and pigs all of which failed to give any evidence that it could be applied to humans,all primates died in agony because of these experiments.It did not even work from one primate to another.nor pig to primate.you can even watch the sordid show from some web sites.check out peta on primate transplants.its hard to stomach but if you want poof,go ahead.

Animals have a great life in zoo's,NO they don't, Animals do not thrive in small spaces or cages.They become bored and stressed,and go mad,and die prematurely.Only in their natural habitat are they happy and thriveYou would not like to be forced to live somewhere unnatural to you.Its not fair to cage any animal just so people can stare at the poor thing.

Animals live twice as long in zoos as they do in the wild. And I know for a fact the first heart and lung transplant was done on dogs as was the first lung heart bypass machine used on cats and dogs.


Animals do not live longer in zoo's

And a bovine pericardium is used to replace heart valves by taking tissue from a pig. Its used in cases where clots are at risk of forming post operation!

The 9 of 10 animals lived 3 years and we're put down in 1965 ! yclosporine which is extracted from a species of fungus, was discovered in 1972 and found to be a potent immune suppressor in mice. This allowed the transplants to be a successful option.

Research on transplants in dogs showed that combining cyclosporine with steroid produces 1/3 increase in survival time. As far back as 1940 there was only enough penicillin available for testing. Eight mice were infected with a deadly dose of 110 million streptococci bacteria. One hour later, four of them were injected with penicillin. These survived but the untreated ones died.

It is not that simple there's a lot more that people are not aware of.
I am not trying to pushy,
But if you want too. checkout
Lethal Medicine; on YouTube there are 4 parts.

PS; its impossible to write all here.

They can't even treat men and women with heart disease in same way because they differ biologically and react differently.
So i fail to see how they can compare a mouse to a human.
Thalidomide was tested on animals but when tested by the human animal guinea pig, Look what happened there.All those poor baby's and their mothers.

They have not even had success with primate to primate,
I'm sorry but can you imagine laying in a hospital bed needing blood or a transplant,being told that they can't give either from a human but we have pig or primate which one would you choose?

They can't apply how a dose of any drug effects mice or any animal, to humans where too different in every respect.Even rats are affected differently to mice with the same drugs and they are alike.god knows what would happen if you applied the same to a human animal

wer'e*not where* lol sorry.

The fact that they have to keep banning drugs after their use in humans because they have proven to have ill and disastrous effects surely can't be ignored?

I watched the entire youtube movie it said only what went wrong but fails to say what worked! That skin graph theory was first used on pigs and has worked on humans without much change. Many animals react different to illness and virus but most cases you can use the test as a base and grow from the discovery the animals give up. Many times we study how animals reaction to illness and use that to apply to humans like bone marrow transplantation was first used in cows. However we do not use cows marrow in people we learned human to human transfer is possible if they are a good match . Just as cows can match other cows with similar markers but just like people animals are not all a perfect match. The video is unfortunately and obviously not complete.

There are many more videos, but i suppose they also will be unfortunately and obviously incomplete if their not to your liking.As they also debunk the myths,ideas and beliefs surrounding animal research.
It is not only animals,humans too,are affected.In many cases humans have suffered greatly.

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