It Should Have Harsher Penalties

I hate the thought of animals in pain or starving. I can't watch an animal suffer.
I have given my lunch to a stray before because I would rather go hungry then know that an animal was hungry. I know what it's like to have hunger pains so bad that you can't feel anything else. I can't stand the idea of anyone or anything going through that too. I only wish that I could help more.
I could never work in an animal hospital or the pound. In the pound I would find the desire to take every animal home to hard. In an animal hospital I wouldn't be able to watch so many animals in pain. I don't like to watch people suffer either, but I actually find it harder to watch an animal suffer (I see them as innocent).
I think that the penalty for animal abuse and cruelty should be the same as it is for abuse to children. Even those penalties aren't harsh enough.
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Jan 10, 2013