We Rescued An Abused Animal

When my wife and I were married one year, we got a dog that had been in several shelters. She had suffered from neglect by humans as well as having been put with aggressive dogs at too early an age. Her name was Charlie. She was about two years old when we got her.

When we first took her home, she did her business in the house. When I scolded her, she alternately bared her teeth and bowed her head. She was waiting for a bad blow to the head.

Charlie was - I kid you not - part black lab, part pit bull, part beagle. Her personality was also a mix of these three breeds. Charlie was loyal to a fault, intelligent (we swear she spoke fluent English, if not other languages), and funny as could be. She was our kids' first dog, and she looked after them protectively. Also, she was an all black dog, and we lived most the time in AZ, but she loved to go out in the sun - even in the summer - and tan herself. We have a big house out in the country, and we'd let her run off without a leash.

She died this past year. It's amazing how an animal can become such a part of your home and heart. We did get a new dog from a rescue, part American Cocker Spaniel and part German Shepherd. ... She's another story :)

jargonator jargonator
31-35, M
Jan 15, 2013