We Saved The Kitten

So the kitten I recently posted about that was being abused by my friend's uncle has been rescued. She went over there for the first time yesterday since the first time she saw it and the kitten was looked in a carrier. It didn't even have much room to move and he said is has been in there for 2 days so it doesn't run off. That means it has had no food or water for 2 days. So she took it from him and told him that if he called the cops on her for stealing it then he would be getting arrested for animal abuse and then called me and asked if I could keep it at my house because she can't keep it at her house because her uncle might come and try taking it back. Neither of us can keep her though so we are just going to help her trust humans again then find her a new home.
katielovesTW katielovesTW
13-15, F
Jan 19, 2013