This Is a Sad Story About a Cat Named Bailey.

I did not write this. I took out the names though.

(person)  and her son, (kid), can't fathom it.

And yet Tuesday morning, when they saw the face looking back at them in the window of their Old Pine Trail townhome  they were forced to.

It was their 10-year-old Maine Coon cat, Bailey. But the giant fluffball (person) let out the night before was barely recognizable.

"(kid) kept saying, 'It's not him, it's not him,' "

She knew it was, though, despite the fact Bailey was soaking wet, and the tawny fur on his face and his long whiskers were missing.

(kid), grabbed a towel and went outside to scoop up Bailey.

That's when they started to piece together their pet's horrific ordeal.

"I thought he was freezing because he was soaking wet," (lastname) said. "Then we picked him up and I realized he was soaked in gasoline."

Bailey had been set on fire. His teeth and claws had been smashed. He had cuts on his brow. His ears were singed and what was left of them was "rock hard."

"He was gasping and gasping," said.

  (woman) and (kid) rushed Bailey to the vet, trying to reassure Bailey, their pet since he was a newborn kitten, and themselves that everything would be OK.

Bailey died en route.

"He was just so hurt. It took everything for him to get back (home),"  said.

"He took his last bit of energy to get here," (kid) added.

The  County Humane Society is investigating.

Executive director said the animal was being sent to Guelph for a post-mortem to determine the extent of injuries and cause of death.

"Any animal who's caused discomfort by someone or something, if it can get away, it will. But if it can't...," (man) said. "When you sit down and think, 'What did that cat go through,' it pulls at your heartstrings. How can it not?"

On Tuesday afternoon, the  family was trying to figure out how their companion, normally wary of other people, could have been victim to cruelty.

  they had let Bailey out the night before. "He never goes far," she said.

He had his usual haunts. The wall behind their townhouse. Under their car. In the family's enclosed backyard.

Before bed, they checked to see if he wanted in, given it was getting cold. But there was no sign of Bailey.

She woke at 1:30 a. m. to look again and saw no paw prints in the snow.

Later that morning, when she got up for work at a Welland medical clinic, there was still no indication the big cat had been by.

They called and called his name. But Bailey, who usually responded, still didn't turn up.

As she get ready for work, she heard a disturbing sound and came rushing downstairs where she found Bailey in a window well.

"I could hear this godawful scream. It was like a baby crying," They said.

Given how skittish Bailey was with other people, (kid) said he can't help but think someone had to chase and trap Bailey.

On Tuesday afternoon, he could still smell gas outside in the parking lot, making him think it happened close to home.

"I have friends who are angry about this. They're saying, 'Who could do this?' " (kid) said. "That cat's been through thick and thin with us. You would have to bear-hug him to hold him. He wouldn't hurt a fly. He was so gentle."

As she wiped her tears, she said they've lost a member of the family.

"To know that there's someone out there so twisted to do that to an animal. To have him go through that, I can't fathom," she said.

"That's the hardest thing, that he suffered like that."

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my cat was killed by a bunch of teenagers they kicked him around and punched him he wouldnt come home when he is hurt i walked outside when they were killing him but it was to late

soooooooooooooooooooooo sad :,[

If you ever find out who did this. You kick their teeth into next week, and shove a cactus up that persons ***. If somebody did this to my Puppy or kitten, they would regret ever even thinking it was a good idea. My heart goes for the family of this poor kitten.. :'c

We have a cat too. We just got her and we read this sad story. Cats are the sweetest animals ever, and for someone to do that must be the devil. No animal, person or whatever they are ,should go through this. No person should take a life. That is gods choice. :( thank you for sharing this.

It took me an hour to read cuz I cried so much

me too! ;(((

that made me cry so sad

Maybe it was an accident? Like he accidentally got stuck in a gas tube and accidentally touched a lite cigarette? I certainly hope so, cause I can't believe a human can do such a sick thing

This was the best story I have ever read! One less cat in the world.

i hope u burn urself up some day.....

Go die in ahole

And there are 7 billion humans on earth! What makes you think you deserve to be here more than felines or any other creature for that matter? One less human maybe? How does that sound? Your an insect in this gigantic universe so what makes you are superior? We humans are also animals and some humans, yourself in particular are worse than animals.
To sum it up... Die *****. One less mistake from your parents.

some of my cats disappeared a few days ago, this morning one of my cats came back, limping, when i seen him i noticed his paw was gone! the front leg crushed! my heart was broken! I just dont know how people can be so cruel! animals have feeling also,

their is A LOT of things i would do to anyone who did that or anything close to that if i wasnt afraid of going to hell and even then it still might not stop me from pouring gasoline al over them and setting them on fire

If I somehow found out who this person was, I would set them on fire.

I would to

why woud someone do something like that. they are stupid people

i'm sorry i could not even bear to finish reading this story, it is too horrific and just totally heartbreaking, i know if i ever witnessed some one torturing or harming an innocent animal i could easily commit murder. The in humane sickos who carry out these despicable acts of cruelty deserve to suffer the same fate.


this is the most disgusting and vile thing i have ever heard of. to think someone could do that makes my blood go cold. this is a heartless crime that needs to be fixed i hope the find the people that did this to bailey and may they rot in jail. i am looking to become a vet and it is people like this that make me sick to my stomache. i have a cat of my own and i would to think of anything like that happening to her. all my love to the Family of Bailey and may they find love with a new animal and not hold a gruge it only makes them angry.

Lots of kisses and hugs to the family. Lots of kisses and hugs to Bailey RIP xxx

sooooooooo bad, soooooo sad, curses to those awful people who could hurt a poor living creature. tears...tears... tears for all the years and days an animal has suffered at the cruel hands of some mean human. who is the real "animal" here i dont get it.

That is so very sad...the poor defenceless cat having to suffer like that. People that do such cruel and heartless things like that need to be strung up and made to suffer pain and fear the same.

oh my god, i do not uderstand why people who do things like this get to breathe and live everyday when they should be burning in the hottest corners of hell. i can hardly read things like this. i pray the people that did that have a horrible death just like that poor innocent kitty

thats so sad. *cries* :(