Last night I had a dog brought in by a council ranger. It was 9pm and 7 degrees celcius.  The ranger had received a call about a stray dog, and went to collect it and bring it in here. When he got to the address, it turned out to be the actual owners of the dog, who just didn't want it anymore. I went to the back of his van, to start the booking in process.
The dog is a tri-colour fox terrier. A little male, at least 15 years old. He has milky blue, blind eyes. He appears to be deaf. He has a terrible skin condition - without a vet check, it appears to be long standing, untreated mange. His ears are thick, red and hot. Full of a dark disgusting mass.  His little legs are so full of arthritic pain he can barely walk, and he is very hunched, as if he has considerable abdominal discomfort. He was shaking  so bad - a combination of fear and bone chilling cold.

They couldn't look after him while they had him. They couldn't do the right thing at the end and take him to be euthanised while they were there to comfort him. They couldn't even wait until morning, when it was a bit warmer, and bring him here themselves. They sent him, old, sick, afraid and cold - with a stranger to a strange place. A place of terrifying smells, and if he can hear, terrifying sounds. These will be his last memories.
I will love him while he is here. I will hold him and try to comfort him when he finally knows the mercy of euthanasia.

But you - you make me wish I had the power to place a curse.

You are SCUM!

Soozles Soozles
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you go girl!

poor baby why do we have to treat animals that way it's wrong.

Thank you Artsy, for your comment and for being the person you are. It is no surprise to me that you would be the one to stop and help, no matter whether it is a person or an animal. You would always be there to help if you saw need. :)

My heart goes out to that poor little soul...

(hug) Thanks Sharossody. We have him in our 'casualty' area. It is a room with air conditioning, and it is a bit quieter in there. He is getting lots of hugs today, and he's not shaking as much.

I can't see the keys, I read your story out loud to my hubby and the tears blurred the words.<br />
I too wish we could curse them there and back.... give him a hugs from me too sooz, and may the rainbow bridge give him his freedom back and he roams in peace.

Thanks peasantpedro, and it is true. So many people want to go on waiting lists for puppies and kittens. We refuse to have a waiting list, when we have rows of beautiful dogs wanting homes. We even have people surrendering dogs, and after drawing a quick breath, asking what type of pups we have. And they see nothing wrong in what they do.

Shep, sometimes it breaks my heart. This little fella just shouldn't be here, he shouldn't have been sent in that way. Why can't those people be made to pay? There is something terribly wrong when they don't have to answer for treating him the way they have.

Oh Sooz, I hate them too! <br />
<br />
How come we can feel so for that poor baby and they can't?<br />
<br />
I don't think I'll ever understand. I'll just NEVER understand!<br />
<br />
If we never meet here on this earth, I'll see you up above caring for the lost pets. You are my hero!