Homelessness- My Story.

Back in the very cold winter of 2008, I was homeless for a month. I became this way because I had been banned from the apartments that I once stayed at due to accusations of prostitution and dealing drugs- neither of which I did. Not to mention a man had tried to press charges on me for "conspiracy to commit a robbery" which, by the way, only happened because this particular man had tried to rape me. Twice. He dropped the charges, but only because I warned him that if he didn't, I would press charges for what he did to me. Anyways, back to my homelessness. I had been originally staying with an ex-fiance of mine, but due to these rumors I had moved to another apartment within the complex- D's (you'll learn about him later) mother and her fiance, whom I had met through another ex of mine. Once that man (who had tried to rape me) had called the cops on me, I was banned from the property- and soon after, my ex-fiance was banned, too, for having someone else in the apartment without the office knowing. However, he had a place to go...he moved in with his parents. I stayed in his van or in an abandoned home. I had also stayed with this other guy, who quickly stopped letting me stay with him once he realized that I wasn't going to sleep with him. I had the option of another man, but he told me that the only way I could stay with him is if I went into prostitution and sold my body for him. I quickly dismissed that idea- and at the time- that was my boyfriend so I ended it right there. My ex-fiance, I will call him B, had hidden the number to my only other option- my now fiance, whom I will refer to as D. So for a couple weeks  I would sleep in an icy cold van or abandoned house- I had no other choice.
There were nights that the temperature would reach as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit- if not lower, I'm not sure. I would wrap all the blankets I had- around six- and dress myself in at least three or four layers...and still would be chilled to the bone. There were nights I thought I would die. Two weeks in, I was looking for something in the van- and discovered the number I had been looking for. I began staying with D on a regular basis- he allowed me to shower and wash my clothes...he fed me...let me sleep in his bed. He never expected anything from me, but to this day I give myself to him fully and completely. Still, I wasn't able to stay every night, due to the fact that his son came on the weekends (who was almost four at the time), and therefore he had no room for me. So in the van and abandoned house I remained on the days I could not stay. I begged and pleaded for B to take me home to WV, where my family was, but he always claimed he didn't have enough money. It only took $120 round-trip, even in that van. He would make at least $400 a WEEK. The truth was, he just wanted to keep me like you would keep a dog. On Thanksgiving of that year I was locked in that abandoned house in a room from the night before, around six or seven pm, to nine the next night. Why? Because he was spending time with HIS family on Thanksgiving. His apology? A plate of lukewarm, mediocre food. I was locked in that abandoned house without food or water- and no way to get out to use the bathroom. I was forced to urinate in a 3 liter bottle. I had lit a small fire- but it only lasted a few hours in the night- not near enough to sustain any heat. My salvation came with D- who, once had heard of this (my phone had died in the night- he had no idea) immediately told me to come and stay with him. He fixed me some chicken...no means a Thanksgiving feast, but I was so grateful. When I saw him, I hugged him so hard and just cried in his arms.
Through all this...B had threatened me. I was forced to have sex with him at least twice a week. If I didn't...I was to be left in the streets..six hours away from my family. Later- I found out that he had gotten HIV from a girl that he was with after me. No, I do not have it, thankfully, because I made him wear a condom. I never told anyone about this until long afterwards- not even D. He was furious when he found out. I would shut my eyes and try to pretend I was somewhere else...but it didn't help. B was so big that he hurt me...and he had always been gentle before...but since we were no longer together and I was...I guess his slave would be the best way to put it- he wasn't so gentle anymore. I would force myself not to cry...and no matter what...I always bled afterwards because he tore me up. I felt so dirty and nasty...I contemplated suicide.
A  couple weeks before Christmas- a blessing. We got a call from a man (whom now I hate with all my soul- but thats another story) about the old car B had sold. This was the same man I had been staying with after I was living with B- and he had a new home. Like I said before, he was with (and still is) D's mother, and she invited him to stay and live with them- so he did. I had asked to stay for a couple nights until D was taking me home (he had graciously agreed to do so, once he learned B was NEVER going to take me home), and that...was the end of my homelessness. I did go home for Christmas, and had no intentions of coming back, but D wanted me...and so I came back. That was two years ago...and we are still together (yet apart, but once again, another story- I'm in Indiana at the moment- not Richmond, VA)...and now are engaged. He was my savior- my angel...and without him...I might have been dead.
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Jul 20, 2010