I Saved A Life, Much Bigger Than My Own.

They can't speak, talk, or communicate. Yet we look into their eyes and know their story.
As I walked into the muddy swamp with water spilling into my boots, I squinted my eyes to try and see into the gloomy shadows. What I soon saw changed my life. It was worse than watching a horror movie, or hearing a child in the store scream when they wanted to go home. I doubled over to my knees as I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There where boxes, full of little puppies and kittens, packed full to the point that the crate was buldging. I wanted to rip them out of the cages, get them out as fast as I could, but it was a delicates process. I saved 219 animals that day, and put over 200 of them to sleep due to their conditions. But there was one animal that stood out to me. There were three kittens left in the crate, and we thought all of them were dead. As I pulled the bottom kitten out, her eyes flashed open, and a little meow came from her mouth. While carrying her to the van, I pet her head and she had enough in her to purr and try to lick my finger. I was brought to tears. That something that small, that had been through so much, could still try and be happy. I decided I wasn't going to let her go. I paid to repair her three broken ribs, to be dewormed, and to give her everything she needed. I knew that she was going to be mine. And every morning when I wake up and see her little face poke out from under the blanket, I remember how I saved a life, much bigger than my own.
Marisolmarie Marisolmarie
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MM, you are my hero. I would be so angry if I found a situation like that, I would have to bite down hard just to be able to function and help all those kittens and puppies. I would so like to see whoever committed that crime up on charges in front of a judge with three beloved dogs of his own.

haha, why thank you (: the situation was horrible, but im so glad I got to save her. She's the best cat I could ever ask for. :)

Awww your an angel :)

Hi Marisolmarie, what you did was a great act of kindness, I admire you for that. I wish your kitten many years of happiness in your loving home.

On Janurary 11 2005 I lost my nine month old whippet puppy he had been diagnosed with a cerebral tumor and haemophelia. All I could do was to let him cross the rainbow bridge. my heart was broken and my soul shattered to the core of my being. The love I shared with my wee pup was of the lasting kind. As I worked through the grief I had a thought of sharing that very uniqe love with a hound that had never had a home or known what love is. I was approved to adopt a galgo from Spain. However the fates were out and what came out of the crate March the 22 2005 was a young ex-racing greyhound who had survived unspeakabel horroes of Spain. This was six years ago today. I have no regrets and I have since that day been the voice of the voice less. I alert others to the plight of the racing greyhounds and the galgoes from spain it became my life and my fate but I have no regrets as I look at my sofas they are filled with three gorgeous and content greyhounds and there is an elderly whippet to be found sound asleep in my bed. How could I ever regret? for you it was a defining moment in life. You could not walk away nor could i thanks for sharing you heart warming story above.

@Soozles Thank you! I was on a ASPCA practice mission. The house was suppose to be empty, and we were just suppose to see the crates where animals were once held. Yet, when we arrived, someone had came back and put more animals in the crates. It was one of the saddest things ive ever done. I wanted to save every animal, and each one took a peice of my heart with them when it was decided to put them down. My cat is my biggest reward, and she is one of the best cats I could ever have. And every morning when I see her, I know I would go back any day and do it all again.

Hi Marisolmarie. Your story is astounding. How did there come to be so many puppies and kittens dumped in a swamp? The story behind your story is one I would be interested in reading<br />
I hope the reward you find in your kitten are there for many years to come :)