Mans Best Friend

there is no need for animal cruelty take my beloved pet dog snoopy(snoop dog), i look after my father full time and at the time we lived in n upstairs flat and we got to know our next door neighbour through snoop as my son used to say hello to him when we went past cut a long story short she was moving out and she told me that she was either going to rehome him or put him down as she couldnt look after him at that point i just turned round and said hold on a minute your not putting him down at all we will look after him. she did tell me in a conversation that he was a rescue dog that was hit in the head with a HAMMER and left to die, thank god he didnt or he wouldnt of come into my life and my sons life, hes mad and loving and now would not be without my beloved pet snoop.

samantha1509 samantha1509
36-40, T
Jan 6, 2011