I've been in tears ever since I read this online about an  hour ago. This was from AOL News.


Safari Park Horror on Merseyside

10 January 2011

In this shocking story, AOL News reveals how animal keepers at a Merseyside safari park have left dead animals lying rotting next to rubbish bins, for up to ten days.

The incident at Knowsley Safari Park first came to light when park snapper Penny Boyd handed the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) a folder containing the graphic images.

Boyd, 58, has worked as the official park photographer for 10 years and has become increasingly concerned by the way animals have been culled on the premises.

After being able to take it no more, Boyd quit her job last night fuming: "One morning I heard a gunshot and looked out to see a beautiful antelope I'd known for years being downed.

"Another two shots were needed before it was dead. That kind of job should only be done by experienced people."

Boyd went on to say: "I couldn't carry on producing cute pictures to get Knowsley positive publicity knowing some of the animals might be culled and dumped to rot the next day.

"Carcasses should be collected within hours and taken to be destroyed. I saw animals lying for up to ten days. You could see maggots. The smell was horrendous.

"To leave bodies like that is appalling, never mind the health risk. I found it soul-destroying."

Due to the nature of the discovery, Merseyside Police are investigating the gun licences held on the premises, although they have confirmed that no offences had been committed.

Liz Tyson, Director of the Captive Animals' Protection Society, has urged people to "to scratch below the surface of the public perception of safari parks, to see the evidence of what goes on behind closed doors. Zoos are not protectors and saviours of animals."

General Manager David Ross In a statement said: "It is a matter of sadness and regret that these allegations have been made by a member of staff who resigned in September this year.

"In terms of the images supplied by our former employee - taken in a private staff compound well away from areas open to the public - we believe that some carcasses have been moved around and displayed for maximum photographic impact."

He said none of the pictures showed any culled animals, claiming they were either stillborn animals, animals that died of natural causes, or as a result of fighting, put down by the vet due to injury.

He said: "In a park with almost 800 animals, some such deaths are inevitable. The baboon has clearly been taken out of the bag for a staged photograph.

"Space is limited even in a park of this size and on occasion we may find ourselves with too many animals of a particular species.

"Our policy is to move these surplus animals to other collections, and our keepers routinely inspect these new locations to check they are suitable before animals are moved."


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Exactly, punkinseeds. Some people have completely lost their humanity.

It is not the fault of animal activists that this atrocity occured, it is a sad indictment of a society that cares little for the welfare of others, animals bear much of the brunt of this. This shameful coalition government has overturned a number of bills from the previous government that were due to go through concerning animal welfare, including the revolting practice of chopping off the beaks of battery chickens so they don't peck at themselves or others through stress. As long as we've got a cheaper egg, that's all that matters. I haven't bought battery eggs for over 15 years, and I would never, ever touch one now.

Oh, heavens! This turns my stomach!

Hi Lou, and hope you're well too :-) Yes, it is wicked and the charge about being staged is just pathetic. They should be jailed, and if they have any conscious, their actions will haunt them. They have no humanity.