I Really Hate It..

I don't see the reason to abuse animals.... i am really against it i have neighbor's who beat on their animals and EVERY time i call the cops on them my friend beat this guy till he was litter ally on the floor bleeding i know some people will say "well that's just as bad as beating an animal" but if you would have saw what this man did to this 1 year old puppy you wouldn't just stand their we took the puppy to the animal hospital and called the cops on the guy and a couple weeks later he adopted the puppy and he is now safe and playing around in a big fenced yard and has lots of attention. my other friend found a dog in the wood while he was hiking with his girlfriend this dog was tied to a sign and had been left there for days...he took care of her and brought her to the vet and they called her sign no one would adopt her and he said if no one would call or want to adopt her for them to call him right away and he would go get her i love when people go out of their way to help an injured animal and fight for their rights... Animal abusers/killers can burn in hell.
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good on you, my dear - more power to you. if you ever want to get in touch with me do.

Glad to see people looking out for innocent animals. Don't get yourself in trouble with the abusers, though. You don't know what such cowards will do to you. In my world, animal abusers get thrown to the lions. Abuse them, tough guy!