I Would Not Be Responsible ...

If I ever caught someone mistreating a defenseless animal ..
I would not be responsible for my actions ...
I may just be a girl ..
But I would do anything I had to to stop the mistreatment ..

I can not stand to read or hear such horror stories ..
animals are as a rule, so trusting and unconditional in their love and
affection for us ... To betray that trust is criminal ...

There was a story years ago in a Victoria News paper about ..
a poor cat named Screwball .. he had apparently wondered
up to someone .. someone who likely had coaxed him over to them
and they put a pellet gun or some type of gun to his head and shot him
He lost an eye and had to undergo very serious surgery
to save him as I recall the story ...

If I had been there and seen that
person .. I would probably be in jail for manslaughter now ..
I would have gone ballistic !!! at someone being that cruel !!!

Every day animals of all sorts are abused or injured or killed
Yesterday I heard on the news of 100 or more sled dogs that were killed
apparently for no reason !!! up near Whistler B.C. ...

My God ! do we not understand the root meaning of " Humanity" ?
Where is the " Humane Treatment " we as the so called " higher life forms" on
this planet are supposed to exhibit ? !!

Please Please Please If You every seen an animal being abused do something to help it ..
Call the S.P.C.A., The Humane Society or the Police !!! or someone ! But Don't just turn a blind eye ... Please !

Some poor animal is counting on your Humanity ! to help or save it.

They only wish to love and be loved ...

best wishes ...

p.s. please turn my tears of sorrow ... to ones of joy.

Kitshka Kitshka
36-40, F
9 Responses Apr 7, 2011

hello, well one year ago I got one pet because one of my neighboors mistreated him all the time and the poor aniwal was going to die because of starvation, but nowadays hes a happy animel and he's fat lol, I love him

I have seen some cruel bastards being cruel to animals. I have always been outspoken and direct and trust me I have spoken very loudly about their henious acts I humiliate them and keep at it until they stop and begin to treat their dogs with more respect and understanding. i have had my own small organisation since 2006. I alert others to the plight of racing greyhounds and the Spanish galgoes.I help find good homes for needy greyhounds. I had four sighthounds until I lost one of my precious lads three weeks ago he was only seven years and four months when he passed away in his sleep. I am absolutely heartbroken about loosing him on the other hand i know how many greyhounds are waiting for a gooed forever home. So it won´t be long before a young unwanted greyhound joins my wee family of two ex-racers and one whippet. If there is one thing i have learnt these past few weeks it is that life is both fragile and in some cases far too short. However love lasts forever far beyond the borders of death. No one can ever replace my Connor but to rehome a needy yongster here honours the love and strong I had the pleasure and priveledge of sharing with Connor and others before him. I will always alert others to the plight of racing greyhounds and the Spanish galgoes. I will always fight for the animals and those in need of help.

We now seem to live in this political correct society that is suppose to be wonderfull we allow our children to do what they will and whoo betide any one who tells trhem off but us.They have no respect for others,chuck litter about and fight amongst themselves or any one who gets in way,but not as we used to with fists no its Knives and Guns,whilst we allow this to continue animals also will suffer.Not sure how we can do this in a "POLITICAL CORRECT" way.How about we retire "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" and re-awaken "COMMEN SENSE" and "RESPECT"

Its hard for me to see, except we disrespect animals, how such cruel actions can just be written off. A sicko in Florida a couple of years ago captured neighbors cats, killed them, skinned them and returned them to the owners yard.<br />
<br />
The judge let him go.

I so hope the dog found a good home ? ...<br />
<br />
I commend and deeply thank you.... for your act of bravery on behalf of that poor dog ....<br />
<br />
Stories like that (the first part of it ) tear my heart out out ...<br />
<br />
<br />
Best wishes<br />
<br />

i have 4 cats and two dogs, all from local SPCA or just pure strays.<br />
They are all streetwise and are fearful of people outside the house.<br />
i do not know what i would do if someone was cruel towards them or any other animal (pet or not), but i think that a very nasty side of mine would come out, and being a small woman would not stop me.

praise be :)

Well thank you sir for taking a stand against animal cruelty ... the four legged one ;)

Please act ...