Animal Cruelty...

Hurting an animal is one of the most disgusting things a human being can possibly do... I just can't fathom how someone can hurt a powerless creature for WHATEVER reason. I don't think animal abusers are punished harsh enough, people that don't give a sh*t about taking care of their pets and let them starve or get sick are awful and should rot in jail... but sickos that torture and mutilate animals should be tortured and killed. There is absolutely no point in sadistic f*cks walking around making the world an even sicker place then it is.  And people that say "Oh, it's just an animal" or "It's not that big of a deal", go **** yourselves. It's a life, animals can feel just as much pain a human can.
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I agree with whatever Noteworthy writer of the past who said you can judge the state of the civilisation of a nation by the way it treats animals.
I love all animals and they appear to be drawn to me. It takes all my discipline not to bring home a chain of dogs ad cats. I have one amazing little dog and two cats. I am dedicated to all of them. They add a whole dimension to my life.
I am saddened every time I see a neglected animal.

@humpty20 tonight when you go tobed leave your doors unlocked and and the keys to your car in the need to lock things up from those great humans!!!!!

Ajoite- Humans should be looking after the planet that is why we have been given the intelligence that we have yet we seem to use it for our own individual ends.I Do believe in animal rights but would like to see all humans getting the rights we as european/north american take for granted,<br />
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edgell sorry think your wrong most humans are trust worthy,honest and caring trouble is its the ones you mention who seem to get power through politics,unscrupulous dealings the minority who give the majority a bad name,when was the last time you heard of teen age hoodies doing good? but you hear of them with their so called pit bulls right as this sells papers

perspective?????? I don't think I've ever heard of an animal raping, or robbing. Pit Bulls? Yes they have killed along with a few other breeds and that is because some human raised them to be vicious. Sorry I can not agree...(I do agree to disagree) most of the human race is untrustworthy, dishonest and uncaring about anyone but themselves.

Yes animal cruelty is abhorrant but so is human cruelty so lets get things in perspective please.All humans are entitled to be treated with desency and respect,animals to have a right to be treated fairly but they they are not humans so please stop treating them as such as they require to be treated as species I E dogs as dogs not children or babies.

humpty20 You and I are never going to agree because you believe that humans are the most important thing on this planet, so we would be here forever. I do not treat my animals as humans, they are loved and respected for the beautiful animals they are, I have no desire to make them into humans. But I don't think they should have any less rights than you, we will never agree on that. The whole idea as humans being the most important species above everything else is the reason our planet is dying.

If anything is going to harm you, you have to defend yourself...(snakes, spiders, even some dogs..ect,) but for someone to get a pet and then not take care of it and love it or to purposely mutilate an animal because their sick fu**ing minds find it funny.......they need hung!!!!!!<br />
My dog and cat are, our family (kids are grown) I would personally kill someone who tried to harm them!!

Haha yeah, I'm not really talking about that.

I agree to a certain extent but is it animal cruelty if u kill a poisionous snake or spider cuz if its not id like a explation on how its different dont get me wrong i agree with u but lets call a spade a spade

It can be depending on in what circumstances you did those things..