R.i.p Eyore / Chico

my dog had pupies on june 13.. 7 of them.. they all were very healthy... and i loved them sooo much... i guess it was because it was my first dog and her first liter. but we kept one... he is the cutest puppy in the world.... he is so rebellious.. and we gave the rest away... and i was about to go to my friends house and she wanted me to meet her boyfriend so i toold her to ask him if he wanted a puppy... he sayd yea so i bought the last two boys tht i had available and he picked the one i named eyore and i made him promise me he would take care of him and a couple weeks later i was walkn to another friends house and i saw a girl i knew and she told me tht chico aka eyore died of parvo... so i called my friend and asked her how chico was doing... she sayd tht her boyfriends mom made him kill the puppy or else he was gettin kicked out... for one he is 19 he should be out of there if his mom is crazy like that... and he should have been able to give him away or somethin.. he had to choke him to death.. i just dont understand how someone could watch the life leave a puppy like tht... if i ever see his mom i WILL kill her.....slowly.... now my friend dont talk to me and i have no idea why....
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I know, it is terrible to think that a human being can do something so discusting to a poor, innocent animal that didn't do anything wrong to them, and live with themselves every day. I have read heaps of animal cruelty stories and I don't know why I still do, I guess it's because I feel so sorry for them and I think that they deserve to be heard and something needs to be done about it. Every story that I read makes me cry and makes me want to throw up at the same time. To this day I still can't get over why these sick people could do such a thing to a living creature. ANIMAL ABUSE NEEDS TO STOP!!

Sorry you had to go through that. I would speak to the ASPCA if I were you warn them about these culprits so no dogs suffer the same sad and agonising death this poor wee pup did. Please have your girl spayed. There are soo many unwanted dogs out there who need a second chance at life and remember to keep your dogs inside with the family. Dogs are highly social individuals and yes they do need a lot of both socialisation as well as stimuli. I should know as my four sight hounds live with me as any other family member would. I love dogs and am always concerned about them especially reading your sad experience above. Thanks for sharing though and cudos for being brave enough to share your story with the rest of us. All of mine were unwanted when I got them. Through with their racing careers and unwanted by their former owners at least my three greyhounds. My whippet had been returned to his breeder who could not keep him as they also had his dam and sister. They put him up for sale in the classifieds in a news paper back in 2003. His has been with me ever since. I just love him and my three other lads so very much. To loose them is so very hard but since I know how many unwanted greyhounds there will always be one who is in need of a home and I can thus get another unwanted greyhound not as a replacement for the one who died but as one who is in need of a loving home. I lost one of my lads on the June the fifth this year and got a youngster home on the fourth of July he was unwanted and traumatised before I got him.He has just had his third birthday and yes he was celeberated with pressies and loads of love. Something he never knew before I got him.Thanks again for sharing your experience this is something others can learn from.

I totally agree! I would.... actually, I can't even think of something to do to his mom, because nothing seems like a good enough punishment! Also if I said some of these things people would think I was a psychopath. No, I just think animals deserve rights.