I Hate Fox Hunting

Just thought I would have a rant about how much I hate fox hunting I absolutely detest it and I was absolutely fuming when they marched through London to protest the ban my ex being one of the protesters although I did make him very late for the protest.
I find the whole thing barbaric the way the country gentry sit on their fat arses on horse back chasing a poor defenceless fox by using hounds.
These people are so inhumane that once the ban had been put in place they just put to sleep all the dogs that were kept in kennels surely these dogs could have been re-homed.
On a fox hunt as I understand it the fox is chased down by the hounds who by then are so pumped up with the thrill of the hunt and actually catching the fox that the hounds then proceed to pull the fox to bits while it is still alive.
This is not the hounds fault they are only going on instinct and what has been programmed into them by this lot of country gents as they call themselves more like pompous arseholes.
When the ban was put into place they moaned that it was an old tradition so were a lot of cruel sports that I am happy to say have now been stopped just because its tradition doesn't mean it's right does it ?
I realise that the fox population needs to be kept down but there are more humane ways of doing it rather than a load of fat pompous arseholes riding around on their horses blowing a horn and chasing the poor fox to its death then standing by while the hounds rip it to bits.
I am sure if the boot was on the other foot the humans wouldn't like the foxes to be chasing them with hounds and ripping them to bits just for the entertainment value.
I am pleased to say the ban is still in place but for how long I do not know but I have through research found that the best way to sabotage a hunt is to crush up aniseed balls throwing the powder around the area where the hunt will start which makes the hounds sense of smell useless for a time and gives the fox time to get away.
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2 Responses Oct 5, 2011

Well said. I agree that it's cruel and wrong.

I had no idea about the urban fox hunting that's totally sick I am in complete agreement with you there