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Please go to the following website and stand up for your convictions:

The artist mentioned took a beautiful dog, strung him up and starved him in the name of "art."  An art council agreed that it was art and they want him to do it again!  Please sign the petition!  Animals do have feelings - I have 3 cats; I call them my family because they're loyal, loving and my best friends.  Don't let this happen anymore, PLEASE.  If you truly are against animal cruelty, please go to the website and sign the petition.  Fido, Fluffy and Mimi will remember you forever!

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In our modern times of emerging technology, we have all the resources available to us to live extraordinary lives without harmful impact to other species that are equally vital to the dynamic ecosystem of our world that we call home. All animals deserve the very same ethical treatment as humans. I will definitely sign the petition, but I also encourage you to find love and forgiveness for this person and the others because obviously they haven't develop the awareness. Love you!

This post is OLD NEWS everyone. Animal Cruelty unfortunately, however, is NOT! Stay on top of things and petiton and boycott places like Korea, puppy mills, cruel chicken farms, etc. Don't forget to spay and neuter your animals! xoxo

this is just so wrong!!! i disagree with the art counsil!!!

Okay - Thanks Animallover. This is an older post, however.

omg that is sad read my blog and see what i think

Well said, Jenny - an animal is not a toy and could be likened to taking home a new baby. Humans being above animals, however! You would not throw out your child because they did something bad neither shall you abuse an animals because they cannot speak - I know, these two statements sound unrelated but I've got the flu - it's the best answer I can provide at this time - but you all know what I mean. Domesticated animals rely on humans for food and shelter - it's beyond cruel to toss one out by the side of the road or to use one for "art" or anything other than being a family member. Yes, they do become family and they love us as much, if not more, than we love them!

I'am a animal lover I happen to have a poodle beautiful named sophia, and a mix terrier named papito...I couldn't see anyone abusing my animals let alone someone elses animal....listen if you can not provid the wright enviroment for your animal like, food, water, shelter, walks, play time,and excersise then by all means don;t get an animal....animals are not toys you play with then put them down...No having an animal is for a life time...think about that before you get any kind of animals...I'am against animal abuse.....Jennyc.....

I totally agree. It's sick and disgusting. How anyone can do that to a living creature is beyond me. I will sign the petition.

If you are interested in cruelty free living, here is my blog:

Thank you for sharing and I will sign the petition<br />
because I think animals are Gods gifts to our hearts and health and peace of mind. Love & Light & Blessings to all!

Please go to the website and sign the petition so we can stop these sadistic acts. Thanks for commenting, too SolarX.

that's disgusting, I don't understand how anyone could do that. That's not art, that's just sick.