My Bonnie

 I have always thought that animal cruelty was sick and evil. But it was ot until this summer did it effect me personally. While i was away on vacation my mothers boyfriend attacked and killed my dog.

Her name was Bonnie and she was maybe 14lbs and a shih tzu.  My mothers now ex had always hated her. she always hated him. i suppose she could sense the evil inside of him. The ex would do things to make her angry and whenever he was alone with her would hit or kick her. my mother just didn't want to believe it.

the sick thing is we believe he killed our other dog that we had given our neighbor (his room mate) that dogs name was Clyde. Its like a horrible joke

I always had a deep hatred for him and i hope that he rots in hell. He has been indicted by a grand jury and i hope sooo much that he goes to jail! 


Tacit Tacit
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Where do I sign??? I have two cats and I prefer them then most people. They are loving, loyal and the very best friends one could ask for. I would like all the savages that torture animals, or anything smaller then themselves be locked away forever. Perhaps they can be locked down with the same sick type of individuals that they are and let the games begin. There must be a very special, tortuous place for those that harm what is smaller then they. I'd have no problem watching them torn from limb to limb Then the can heal and think about what they've done to living, breathing, beings. May your life be hell on earth.

Thank you. I really miss her a lot. <br />
<br />
ugh i hate that man.

I am so sorry to hear about your lose. Animals are precious things and I know how much it can hurt to lose one.

what a horrible hostile person to do such a thing. good riddance.