I Hate Animal Cruelty and Reacently I Have Read About So Much of It.

there is so much animal cruelty going on right now, to name just a few, there are ridgebacks being culled, simply because they are born with out the ridge along there back, and this advice is being given to breeders by the kennel club of all all people.

admittedly they do say that if you cant bring your self to kill the pups then they should be sold at a reduced price without papers, and at a reduced price, but only if the people sign an agreement to never breed from the dog.

what makes the kennel club think they have the right to surguest people puppys just because they dont look, how they want them to look.

its sick. as these pups are completely healthy.

then i read about a pitbull cross in ireland who was taken from his owners, to be killed, because of breed ligilation.

i mean this is pretty much similar to the above dogs being killed needlessly, but they did not just take bruce from his owner, but have kept him for a year now, in disgusting conditions, allowing the family to see him only once.

what was a happy dog, is a thin, weak, dog, that can barely stand has cut all his nose, trying to get out of the room they keep him in which is full of sacks, and rubbish.

and has even lost his tail threw infection.

poor bruce is so weak he cant even hide his penis any more.

and this treatment is cruelty yet, the council are responsible for it.

if they must ban the pitbull then why not do it in a nice way, look at dogs, seeing as they are taking them all off there familys and keeping them in such horrible conditions, all of which takes time, then why not simply have each dog assessed, and if they are deemed friendly have them done, and given back to the owner, at least this way well loved pets are not being torn away from there owners.


and then there are staffies.

who are being over bred, there are so many in homes, and yet more and more people purducing puppys, which mean so many dogs are being put down needlessly.

so please if you want a staffie go to a rescue.

there are so many horrible things happening to animals, and i am only touching on it here.

and yet we say we are a nation of animal lovers in the uk.

how can we claime this when all around us animals are suffering, and we just turn a blind eye to it.

its so upsetting, i sign every patition i can, offer my help where ever i can but it just doenst seem enough, because no one listens.

it sucks.

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Before you tear my head for admitting to disliking pittbulls and other fighting breeds. I think it is a shame they are badly treated. it would be so much better if they had never been born.I hate animal cruelty of any kind. I also dislike certain types having these dangerous dogs. Why on earth do they want them? I see nothing attractive about dogs that want to attack other dogs and yes each others even at the age to eight to ten weeks and yes I have seen that with my own eyes and I am not impressed merely upset and furious about these breeds and nothing being done to stop them and their unsuitabel owners. Sadly these dogs are aggressive it is one of their genetic traits it can´t be bred out of them in a few generations. I can´t condone mistreatment of animals taking place nor can I condone dangerous dogs be allowed to exist.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are wonderful dogs if the vet has sugested they be euthanised it could be because they suffer from Dermot Sinus a rather common genetic defect in breeds born with this ridge down the back which has nothing to do with looks at all. What happend to Bruce was a disgrace.Past tense he is dead. I agree with the ban of certain dangerous breeds because they are dangerous. They are born dog agressive and they are a danger to other dogs and yes their families. An aquantaince of mine has just had her eleven year old Labrador retriver mauled by an Amstaff. Last year two pittbulls tore a wee yorkshire terrier apart the owners whom I know are devestated. Another friend had her galgo(known as Spanish greyhound) torn apart by two pittbulls two years ago. an elderly man in Copenhagen had his Italian greyhound killed by yes you guessed it two pittmixes.A friend of mine had her wee dog killed by another pittamstaff mix. Therefore those breeds are banned here. A law I agree with 100% I have no desire to see more incidents of this kind one of those bloody dogs attacked my own greyhounds but he was chased of as he was suddenly sourrounded by three growling and very angry greyhounds and one whippet he ran away from his ruddy owner. I want to see an end to dogs that pose such danger to more peaceful breeds of dog. there are more than 280 diffrent breeds so there is more than enough to choose from then why breed dogs with such anti social behaviour. There is nothing good about these breeds as far as I can see.There are those who love them I fail to see why. I am glad they are banned.

Well said love.

, if hes really dangerous maybe it'll be better for everyone if he's kept away from people in His own house or something instead of in that really freaky jail

i agree animal cruelty is getting worse in the u.k there are so many dogs and cats and other animals badly treated poor things they do know harm all they want is to be loved and a good home, when i hear of people drowning little kittens or leaving dogs tied up to a post and in the rain. i get so annoyed i would like to the same to them.<br />
<br />

I worked investigating animal cruelity and abuse for years. Although sometimes I was able to make a small difference........ The stress and heartbreak of the job forced me to leave.... Some people on this earth have no regard for the life of an animal and I feel that some gain pleasure by harming innocent animals. I will never understand.

You talk about animal cruelty there is human cruelty going on in the usa too - My family can't get foodstamps and without them we starve. True there is a food pantry but there is only so much food you can gather from a food pantry. And there are only so many donations people can give.<br />
<br />
I am sick of animal cruelty and human cruelty and I pray for it's end in jesus name!

I HATE ANIMAL CRULITY anyone who hurts and anaimal intentionally should get lined up and shott

I have never ever,ever been so disgusted in my life!. How could some one do this to a dog. They dont ask for this. Us as people do this. We all need to fight to help all living animals. We would if it was our children. I have fostered dogs for almost 3 years now. We have gotten some abused dogs. Some non abused dogs They are all treated the same. My husband and I put in hours and hours of time and work to help any animal that comes our way. No dog leaves our home till the adopter is 100% checked out. So, I think those authority people should have the same treatment as that poor dog did. I was just in tears with all of this!

i wish i knew what gets me is this is the authoritys doing this, and the conditions that dog is kept in is wrong dont know if anyone has watched the vid, but i was in tears, it just isnt right and shouldnt be alloud.

This is worse than terrible and its happening everywhere. IT HAS GOT TO STOP !!! Its WRONG. Why don't they go after the people who have bred these dogs to be fight. Why don't they do something to them where is their responsibility in all this? Now a dog is ripped from his family who has done nothing wrong. How long are people going to stand by and let this happen? What can we do to stop it?

Its horrible! What has this world turned into!? It makes me sick to know them sick minded people can put them selves to hurt an innconet soul! I hate it when you hear stuff like" The dog was beaten to death cos he chewed a shoe up!" It makes me want to cry!. <br />
<br />
And i hope when they do it they cant live with them seleves and rot in hell. <br />
<br />
What made you want to start the story?

ok i have managed to track it down this is the latest on bruce. LATEST ON BRUCE.:<br />
"Sad news for Bruce in Northern Ireland <br />
<br />
Two weeks after the trial on 27th August, Bruce´s owner was back in Bangor Magistrates´ Court today, 12th September, to hear the judgment on her dog that would seal his fate. Unfortunately, after hearing evidence from both the defence (Dr Mugford and colleague Raymond Crilly) and prosecution, the Magistrates concluded that Bruce was of the type known as the Pit Bull Terrier and thus should be destroyed. As the 1997 Amendment Act was not incorporated into the Dangerous Dogs Act in Northern Ireland, if a dog is found by the courts to be of a banned breed then it shall be destroyed. Bruce´s owner was understandably upset by this news and has lodged an appeal against the judgment. So for now, poor Bruce will remain in kennels and a date will be set for a chance for his owner to contest the destruction order. We will keep you updated as soon as we have more news. "<br />
<br />
and if you go to this page http://www.new.facebook.com/group.php?sid=22b8020bb6fa341cea89fb2b30bb199d&refurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.new.facebook.com%2Fs.php%3Fq%3Dsave%2Bbrucie%2Bfrom%2Bdeath%2B%26init%3Dq%26sid%3D22b8020bb6fa341cea89fb2b30bb199d&gid=10616243761 you will ind the video and pics. <br />
the group is called Bring Bruce Home Petition-Stop BSL and the cruel punishment of pitbulls<br />
if you type that into the search engine you should also get the group come up <br />
(((((hugs)))) joss.

i found out about brucie on facebook i believe he is in ireland although dont hold me to that, if you type brucie into the search engine on facebook and trawl you should find it if i get the time i will track it down myself and add a link for everyone be warned there is a vidoe put together of pics taken of him where he is being kept and it is very disturbing so dont watch it if you find things like that very difficult to cope with. <br />
just looking for the link now so finger crossed.

OMG! Who would do that :'( it is just so sad....<BR>I mean they have no right to take a healthy dog out of his healthy body just to become a poorly old dog barely able to move...<BR>Why is there so much cruelness in this world why cant they just be nice :'( poor poor dogs ....<BR>I hope that the kibble i earned will be sent to bruce or some other poorly dog....<BR>I wish there is a big change (good one) in the future for those poor dogs and other animals....

Someone should contact PETA to try and get help for Brucie the dog or the former owner should go humanley kill the dog himself with or without permission.

What country and who is keeping Bruce? Are there no local authorities that can intervene? Can you bring this plight to others attention and get something done about this? It would seem if no animal control or police authority would do anything that if animal lovers put their efforts together, they could do something for this poor dog.